CSCSHC Community Newsletter AUGUST 7, 2020

Welcome to the CSCSHC Community Newsletter. This bimonthly publication is intended to keep you up-to-date with everything happening in and around our school district. You will read about great things our staff and students are doing in our classrooms and community. We look forward to sharing our stories of student success, achievement, participation in arts and athletics, and a commitment to philanthropy. We are New Pal Proud of our students for achieving their personal best in pursuit of excellence!

Message from the Superintendent

Welcome back to a new school year! We realize this has been a stressful and challenging week for all of our families, teachers, and administrators. Thanks to everyone in our community for your patience, understanding, and cooperation this week. The first week of school is always challenging. With new health and safety protocols in place, this week was uncharted territory for all of us. I also want to thank a number of our parents and community members who dropped off messages of encouragement, treats, and other food for our staff. We appreciate your support!

Many of our teachers have shared with me how incredible your students are doing. They have been respectful, kind, responsible, and have done a wonderful job with our mask guidelines. Thank you to all students for doing their part during this first week!

In this first newsletter of the 2020-21 school year, you will find a number of important procedural items for all students and families to be familiar with. Please review these to make this school year a healthy, safe, and fun one for all CSCSHC families and staff.

- Dr. Lisa Lantrip

COVID-19 Information and Reporting

The district is asking all parents to complete a health screening of their student each day before school. If your student has any of the symptoms in the image below, please keep your student at home.

Please report any COVID-19 information regarding your student by completing this google form. This form should be submitted if your student is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Please make sure all contact information listed for you and all family contacts in your student's PowerSchool profile is up to date. It is imperative for the district to be able to contact you quickly if your student is ill at school.

Carline Procedures

We encourage all parents to be familiar with their building's carline procedures before coming to school.

Our first week has seen a significant increase in the number of families using our car lines each day. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with these procedures.

Bus Stop Procedures

Prior to the 2019-2020 school year, Transportation Director Bob Martin created the following video with tips on how to keep your students safe at the bus stop and on our buses. In addition to tips listed in this video, your student should wear a face covering at all times while riding a Southern Hancock bus.

Transportation Changes

Our transportation team is happy to accommodate transportation changes to bus your student to an alternate address. However, these changes must be approved by transportation staff prior to your student's need to ride a bus to or from a separate address. Please complete the attached transportation change form two days in advance of your need. If you have questions about transportation changes, please contact your child's school.

Questions About Back to School?

Visit our Back to School FAQ if you have a question about our new procedures for 2020-21. Our FAQ includes information about visitor procedures, the district's health protocols for sending sick students home, and our guidance for specific kinds of face coverings.

How to File a Bully Report

Your student has received instruction on how to file a bully report through the school's website. Bullying curriculum is required by law in Indiana. As a parent, you should feel free to file a report on their behalf or any other student's behalf at any time. These reports can be anonymous. Please provide as much information about the incident and the parties involved so our administrators can appropriately investigate the report.

You may also use this form to report any potential suspicious activity or threats. We always encourage you to call 911 if you have information about a potential incident that could put students are at risk.

School Safety Information

The district's School Safety page has important information about our safety terminology and procedures. In the event of a safety threat, administrators may call a lockout or lockdown. It is critically important for parents to know the difference between a lockout and a lockdown.

  • A lockout typically means business will continue as usual in our classrooms. Sometimes a lockout can be called in a non-emergency situation, such as a spill in a hallway or a medical issue with a student or staff member. Parents may not be notified if a lockout is called in one of these non-emergency situations.
  • A lockdown is called only in situations where a potential threat has been identified. Parents will be notified in the event of a legitimate lockdown.

In the event of a legitimate emergency at one of our school buildings, parents should NOT come to the building in question. Students will be evacuated and taken to a site off campus to be reunified with parents. Students will only be released to a contact listed in the student's PowerSchool profile. Please make sure this information is up to date with any potential adults who could pick your student up in an emergency situation.

Inclement Weather Guidelines

The district has published a set of guidelines to help parents understand how and why the district decides to delay or close school due to bad weather. Please make sure you have your contact information up to date in PowerSchool in order to receive notifications about delays, closures, or emergencies. We also post delay and closure information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

NPHS National Honor Society Deadline

Applications for the New Palestine High School National Honor Society are due Friday, August 14, 2020. Juniors and Seniors interested in joining should click on this link for more information.

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