Of Mice And Men By Gabriel Ybarra


"You drink some George."

"Where we goin' George."

  • Big
  • Short term memory loss
  • Disabilities
  • Doesn't know what's going on
  • Friendly
  • Not bright
  • A good worker

Lennie's dream is to live on a ranch with George and tend rabbits.


"Looks kinda scummy."

"Jes a little stretch down the highway,"

  • Short
  • Smart
  • The mastermind
  • Angry
  • Knows what's going on
  • Doesn't let anybody push him around
  • Cares about Lennie

George's dream is to live on a ranch with Lennie and not get in trouble or bossed around.


"The boss was expectin' you last night."

"I guess the boss'll be out here in a minute."

  • Old
  • Nice
  • Knows everything
  • Has an old dog
  • Hard worker
  • Always looks on the bright side
  • Crippled

Candy's dream is to live on a ranch with George and Lennie and never get fired.


"Let the big guy talk."

''Oh, so it's that way."

  • Short
  • Angry
  • A boxer
  • Always picks fights with bigger people
  • Always has his way
  • Doesn't know where his wife is
  • Talks a lot of trash

Curley's dream is to be big and feared.


"This here's my room"

"Nobody got any right in here but me."

  • African American
  • Lonely
  • Reads books
  • Isn't treated fairly
  • Treats people the way they treat him
  • Gets treated badly by the boss
  • Do what people say

Crook's dream is to live on a ranch, be free from racism, get respect, and not get treated badly.

Curley's Wife

"Sometimes Curley's in here."

'Bye, Boys"

  • She'll do anything for money
  • She has the eye
  • She doesn't love Curley
  • She's pretty
  • George wants nothing to do with her
  • She's trouble
  • She always walks around the ranch

Curley's Wife's dream is to be rich and famous.


"Can't hardly see nothing in here.'

"You the new guys?"

  • Tall
  • The leader
  • Smart
  • Can do anything
  • Long hair
  • Hard worker
  • What he says goes

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