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if you read last months newsletter, you know that i started a series on channillo called philautia. i wanted more control of my series + i wanted to minimize the platforms i'm on so i moved philautia to my patreon account.

if you would like to read the first page for free you can do so here:

to read pages as they are produced (every fortnight) all i ask is that you make a minimum monthly pledge of $4 to my art. you can read more about what i am doing on patreon here:

ch.i • seed | sow to create • pg.i naive

is the very first page that is available for all to read for free. in the background is a preview of the image that is used to bring my words to life visually.

ch.i seed | sow to create • pg.ii innocence

this will be the image that will be displayed to contour + highlight some of the emotions on pg.ii.

if you liked pg.i but you still aren't sure of my words yet. you could pledge $1 + get access to the second page but if you want to read as the pages explode from my mental box on a biweekly (fortnight) schedule, you will have to pledge $4 or more.

all in all i am so excited to fall into this creation giving shattered pieces away to people who are broken in hopes that they can use them to help mend their hearts. the pledges that are donated to this book comes with many rewards on both sides. i share my creations with you (canvas tees + graphic art) + your funds will go to the process of publishing my first book.

my ultimate goal is to sell hard copies of "philautia" but that's a long way off + for right now i will begin with ebook downloads. this will also help fund the physical copies of my book in the future.


i am glad that we are doing this again. it is an amazing thing to share love amongst people who are inviting. i want you to remember that you can reach out to me at anytime to respond or to just have a casual conversation.

now i know things look + feel so much different from last time but i am bringing a sleek; chill feel with this gliding newsletter. i like the smoothness of this layout + i will be using this for now into the future. it really compliments the coffee + chill theme i am going for.


i have already included an update about my book series + my patreon above. that is probably the highlight of my week thus far. i have been really thinking + reflecting on this i want out of life + why. philautia is probably the biggest project right now for me. #WhatIsLove is still in progress because i am in the midst of a search of the real meaning of love. #TheNyghtlieRead has been paused until further noticed due to unexpected happenings in my life. of course i could never forget my website which includes coffee + chill. those two are my favorite part of my day to just sit down + relax so that i can think.

chit | chat

aside from all my work + aspirations, how was your holiday? i had a marvelous thanksgiving, providing my family members bellies with love. it is my favorite time of the year + i just feel the positive energy. i love to cook, no doubt but i just love how the holidays bring us together to appreciate the love i have for my family. although a lot of our holiday's history is pretty ugly, i try to turn the negative into a positive by recognizing the negative + being thankful for what i have because i know everyone isn't as blessed as i am. that's fact!

weekly shoutout:

my weekly shoutout goes to you, to my new + old philos. i am making note of your presence + i just want to say thank you for the support in my endeavors.

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