Stage Lighting Project St. Mary's Canossian College


Stage lighting, extensively used to create the desired theatre effects, has been an indispensable component in St. Mary’s highly acclaimed drama productions. In 2016, with a generous sum of donations, we were able to refurbish our stage lighting system including all lighting fixtures, control panel, signal wires and light bars. The newly installed LED lighting fixtures feature low power consumption, little maintenance cost and multiple colours. With this enhanced lighting system, our productions can now offer a vital sense of realism, mood and tension to bring the performances to new heights.

some of the new LED lighting fixtures
Altman cyclorama light, Philips Selecon Fresnel, Philips Showline Parcan ( Visible & UV) and LED lighting panel
Drama production 2017 - Colours

The production was made feasible with the upgraded lighting system. Our new LED lights can change colours in the twinkling of an eye. They were applied to a flowing colourful backdrop in the last scene. This special effect played an important role in enhancing and embracing the story.

The colour changes with the mood of the show
Drama productions in the past
Drama Production 2016 - Choice
Drama Production 2015 - The Gift
Drama Production 2014 - Timeless

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