Is Martin Luther a Saint or a Sinner ? By Maddy Schneider

Martin is a Saint

"Christians should be taught that one who gives to the poor or lends to the needy, does a better action than if he purchases indulgences." The 95 Theses, Theses 43. Google Images.

This Image is representing people who are bound to heaven and are truly good people do things for others. In this picture a person of major wealth and power is giving food to this family of peasants, or lower class citizens. A person of power and doing good for others are far more of a higher person in the name of good in God's eyes. They are far more honored and rewarded than those who simply get Indulgences. This makes Luther a saint, because he is teaching people to do good for others. The more people that to good for others and help out people in need, the more structured there society will become. People will be better off, happier, or Earth and after death.

"Because, by works of love, love grows and a man becomes a better man; whereas, by indulgences, he does not become a better man, but only escapes certain penalties." 95 Theses, Theses 44. Friend Gathering. Google Images

When a person loves another, whether in a romantic or friendly way, it fills people with so much joy and drive to spread that around to everyone they know. In this image a group of commoner pals. In a society were people love one another is such a high priority. People work better when they love one another, things get done, people are nicer, people work together better. As the Renaissance was born, each human body became a greater deal of valuable. Once the love of human life was higher, people enjoyed their selves and the people around them a lot more. Everyone was looking out for eachother and standing together as as a whole, which is a true action of a saint.

"Death puts an end to all the claims of the Church; even the dying are already dead to the canon laws, and are no longer bound by them." 95 Theses, Theses 13. Google Images

In other words, once a person has passed all the money and promises they owed were now not necessary, and all your dues end with the Church you belonged too. In this picture it shows a person of possible few wrongs happily living his afterlife in heaven. In that time period, Afterlife was of much greater value and Importance than that of life on Earth. This is mainly because people live on average 75-100 years on Earth(maybe significantly less in this period, I'm not positive) and an entire eternity in there Afterlife. Giving a person a clean slate walking into there eternal life is an action so generous only a true saint would allow.

Martin Luther is a Sinner

"Let him be anathema and accursed who denies the apostolic character of the indulgences." 95 Theses. Theses 71. Cursed Punishment. Google Images

This Theses is saying that if a person commits a sin they should be punished and only forgiven once they are tortured. In this image a person who committed a sin is being hung and tortured as a way of having God's forgiveness. I personally, am no believer in Indulgences, but promoting the violence of others is definitely not the ideal way to remove someone from they're sins. Wishing pain and suffering on another person is an act of sin, even if they did something of equal measures, violence on other people is an act of a Sinner.

"Let him be anathema and accursed who denies the apostolic character of the indulgences." 95 Theses. Theses 76. Google Images.

This Theses walks the same line as 71. It is basically stating once you have committed sin a person can either torture themselves too make up for it or forever suffer and never be forgiven. If it was a small sin, no matter what they will always be looked down upon. Similar to what I said before a Saint is a person who wants the best for everyone, a truly good perfect person. If a leader or a person trying to be a leader is trying to sadden people by there small imperfections, then in my eyes this is not an ideal person.

"And let them thus be more confident of entering heaven through many tribulations rather than through a false assurance of peace." 95 Theses, Theses 95. Did Martin Luther Believe. Google Images

Stating that people should live the way they think is right and not the way of the church. Although this is Luther's number one purpose is too disobey the Church teachings to some extent. That was the whole idea from the moment he put the 95 Theses at the Church door. Although it is not morally or should be morally correct or possible to follow all the church's teachings, a person can not forget about the church's standards as a whole. At the end of the day a person's personal religion belongs too the church, no matter what a person's guidelines are. The church decides afterlife and good happenings. No matter what religion a person follows, they dedicate they're life to that lifestyle. They ultimate Sinner of religion would be someone that takes a person's whole life, all they have known, learned, and believed and encouraging them to change and disobey those rules completely.

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