Mary Feilds By Brandi McQueen


Born in 1832. 1832 war ended and she was free from slavery. 1870. On board the Bill's Natches steam boat race. 1870 began working at The Ursuline convet 1885 Mother Amadeus became ill and asked that Mary be summoned from Ohio. 1895 Was hired as mail carrier. 1914 Died


1. She was tough. 2. She had a good heart. 3. She was respectful. 4. 200 pounds. 5. Preferably company of men. 6. Had the temperament of a grizzly bear. 7. She had black skin but acted as if she was white.


1.she was born into slavery. 2. She was an African American.3. She was a woman 4. Her best friend died.5. Her stagecoach was attacked by wolves and lost all of her on board iteams


1. She was the first African American mail carrier. 2. She helped grant African Americans more rights. 3. She also helped grant women with more rights.4. She was the first woman mail carrier. 5 she teaches people to be themselves no matter what others have to say, to stay strong but kind brave and fearless.

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