Payroll Gazette May 2017 Edition

Customer Service

April 30, 2017, marked the end of the CompCARD Program. When you need to pay an employee in an emergency situation or when you are required to issue termination pay, Payroll CompCARDS are currently used. Starting immediately, Kelly will instead issue a Money Network Check or fund an employee's existing Money Network Card for these situations.

Money Network Check

Be aware of the changes by reviewing the following documents:


Ensure you have on-hand a supply of the appropriate Money Network Checks, which are ordered through Smartworks:

Smartworks Order Numbers

Any CompCARD's you still have on hand after the April 30, 2017 program end date should be destroyed.

For questions regarding this new process, please contact the Field Service Center at (877) 427-5547

Payroll Compliance

State withholding values in KSN, when Talent uses e-registration

Although a candidate may utilize the e-registration process, it is still the responsibility of the branch or on boarding representative to populate the state withholding values in KSN, as indicated on the Talent's completed state W4 form. It is imperative that the withholding values in KSN mirror the Talent's claims on the state W4 to keep Kelly Services compliant.

Talent Work Location in KSN

Many of our Talent in the field work remotely or in a state different from where they actually live. Please be sure that the Talent's work location address, in the Work Location tab in KSN, reflects where the Talent is physically working, not the customer location or billing address. Refer to the document, "Working with Payroll Tax Information in KSN" (e2017), on the Kelly Web, to ensure that the Talent information is correctly entered into KSN. Failure to provide the correct work location address may cause incorrect tax withholding for the Talent.

As always, any questions regarding the taxation of Talent, the field may file a case with the Field Service Center to be escalated to Temp Payroll Audit for review.

Electronic w2's

Temporary employees may access their W-2 earnings statement online, when they enroll in Kelly’s eW-2 program. Enrollment is voluntary; any employee who would normally receive a paper W-2 is eligible to enroll. Temporary Employees may access HOV to enroll in eW2, by following the link below:

eW2 Enrollment

Share these frequently asked questions with Temporary employees interested in opting in to Kelly’s eW-2 program:

Frequently Asked eW-2 Questions

Paper Checks

“Stop sending paper checks! It cost up to $10 per check and with direct deposit, our Talent will receive funds faster!” Go to MyDetails today!

Paper Checks by Sector


Did you know, over-payments is a $1 million problem today? Payroll is partnering with Treasury to accept online payments via credit/debit cards but we need to control adjustments so over-payments cease. Audit the order first!


Payroll Center of Excellence

Direct Deposits

Did you know that Direct Deposit is in the top 5 questions at the Employee/Field Service Center? Follow these tips to ensure direct deposit is processed accurately and quickly.

When an employee wants to enroll/change their direct deposit information or convert from the Money Network Card to direct deposit, they can do this on line using their KCN account and then access this information thru the myDetails link. All accounts are verified through the pre-note process in payroll to ensure the account information is accurate. The talent will receive 1 live paycheck during this process. Refer to document e29 for more information on myDetails.

When sending in a paper enrollment/change for direct deposit, please ensure a voided check is attached. The direct deposit will be activated immediately. Without a voided check, the employee will receive 1-2 live checks until it is activated. When sending in a paper form, it must be completed and signed by the Talent. The branch should not complete this on behalf of the Talent.

It’s important to note that if the Talent is changing banks or staying within the same bank but changing the account number, they need to complete the Pay Options: Direct Deposit form e1993 with the new information and a voided check or other proof of account from the financial institution.

Temp Payroll Chatter Page

Find updates and vital payroll information by following the link below to our Chatter page: Temp Payroll Chatter Page

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