35mm Film Trial and Error

35mm film became popular around 1913 and continued being the main source of capturing still images until the Polaroid camera entered the market in 1948. The 1990's brought a whole new way to capture images...the digital camera.

But 35mm film is making a come back.

Layering frames

Why? Because it's fun! The quality is something digital cameras and editing systems can's duplicate.

You can choose different types of film like red scale (pictured below) to achieve an unique end result.

Red Scale Film

And experimenting with different lighting shows you how the same film can create different effects on your final image.

Red Scale Film

Fine Color Film is also a fun way to capture moments from seasons when colors already pop.

It also creates different effects in different lighting.

35mm film forces you to truly understand your camera and how to capture the right lighting for your image.

35mm film

And encourages you to try new techniques.

35mm film

It doesn't always turn out to be what you imagined...

But you can always try again.

The options are endless!


Creative work by Anna Groos Photography

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