The Pixar Studios need a new animation software for their famous movies. It's a replacement for the already older software they are currently using. They need a new 3D software and need to decide between two of the top softwares by Autodesk- Maya 3D and Softimage XSI 3D.

Price comparison

Maya costs only around $4,000.

XSI costs around $8,000.

The Storage

Maya has a python script of 25GB.

XSI uses only 11GB python script.

Maya is especially created for film animation

Maya has realistic animation opportunities

XSI is a highquality software as well

The outliners on XSI are better than on Maya


Softimage XSI would be the better choice. It costs more money, but has better storage opportunities and a great graphing program. I would recommend to chose XSI.

Created By
Alina Engelke


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