Lucian Adams

Lucian Adams was the staff sergeant of the U.S Army . He is commended for his great accomplishments. During World War II the supply was running low, and Adams unit was in charge of restocking and fixing the breach, and establishing back contact with two companies . The efforts by the men was slow and costly. O Adam hold ps in automatic rifle and starts firming from his hip while avoiding enemy fire. He moves from tree to tree to take cover. Adams ends up taking 2 prisoners and knocking out three machine guns. On April 22, 1945 he was presented the Medal of Honor.

Lucian Adams is best connected with the character Rudy. Lucian , like Rudy, was brave and deliberate. He took action, and took charge. Lucian did what was right, and made a big difference and a huge sacrifice for his country. Rudy , like Lucian, is selfless and takes risks for the benefit of others. Rudy looks fear and the face and takes on whatever challenge is set in front of him. Rudy and Lucian share many aspiring qualities.

By Jordan Gus

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