Cayla Unger my portfolio

Hi, I'm Cayla, and here is basically everything I did in DMA 9...

Our first assignment was to create a presentation about ourselves. I did mine using Google Docs. When we all finished ours, everyone had to present their own personal presentation in front of the class. Here is one of the slides from my presentation:

Then we learned about photography. We each made slides with pictures we found online for examples of lighting, simplicity, leading lines, rule of thirds, and framing (see picture bellow).

We made our own Kahoot Quizes, which the whole class played. Unfortunately I can't show a picture of mine because I forgot my password and the website won't let me reset it.

-Photoshop Unit-

Using Adobe Photoshop, we did Photoshop Battles. Mr. Bristow would give us a picture/pictures to create a new image. For most of these battles, we had only had one class to complete them. Then once they were done we could vote on everyone else's pictures.

The three original pictures from Mr. Bristow.
My end result.

Sometimes Mr. Bristow would let us use a picture of our own choice to edit. Here is a picture that I created in Adobe Photoshop using images I found online:

The Furry Hillary Horse

We made double exposures for Remembrance Day. My first draft wasn't that good, but not bad either for my first time:

We then did another Remembrance Day double exposure, which were presented in a slideshow at our Remembrance Day show. This is my finished double exposure:

We also made our own personal double exposure using any pictures that we wanted. This is the one I made:

-Film Unit-

The first video we were to edit was Mr. Bristow changing the SD card in his phone. We had to upload the footage from Google Classroom. From there we each took the footage and edited it. Here is the video that I made: (0:38 - 0:50)

The first shooting exercise was to film and edit footage of someone tying their shoes. This video is not very entertaining, but that wasn't the purpose of the video. The purpose was to get practice with different camera angles and with editing videos. We used Adobe Premiere Elements 14 to edit the videos.

Shooting exercise #2 is a lot more entertaining then the first one. In this video we had to practice creating suspense. There was a person being stalked, and there was a stalker who ends up killing the innocent person. (0:45 - 1:08)

Shooting exercise #3 was a practice for the final shooting exercise. It was to practice putting together a documentary. In both the practice documentary and the actual thing, we are comparing A.S.I.A. to the wild, and students to animals. In my practice documentary I included a few scenes that you would find animals doing in the wild. There is a herd/pack shot (group of friends), bullying shot (hunting), and a shot of the lonely person with no friends (lone wolf). (0:22 - 0:43)

And here is the final shooting exercise. The documentary is complete with voice overs and background music. (0:52 - 1:17)

-Coding Unit-

I completed an Hour of Code, and here is my certificate:

We worked in Code Combat, and I did all 20 of the assignments as you can see bellow:

-Weekly Reflections-

Every week we had to write a weekly reflection. We had to write at least 3 to 5 sentences for each of the following questions: What is something I learned this week?, What is something I've struggled with this week?, and What is something I hope to learn next week?

The End!!!

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