Deforestation in South America. By olivia abegg

Basic Information and Common Questions:

What is deforestation?- Deforestation is when land, mostly forests, are cleared for different purposes, such as farming, ranching, mining, urbanization, etc.

Many people illegally deforest areas in South America.

Where is deforestation located?- Deforestation is located in all of the South American countries, but is mostly common in the Amazon River Basin.

Deforestation in South America

Pros of Deforestation:

- provides land for ranching

- provides land for farming

- people can use the land for mining and drilling

- the land can also provide hydro-power

- the trees can provide wood/lumber


- rain forests (Amazon Rain forest in this case) provide habitats for animals and plants. When we deforest, we are taking away animal's homes and place to stay.

- it also contributes to global warming- when trees get cut down, their carbon goes back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. This is a major cause of global warming.

- By 2050, environmental experts say that any diseases emitted from the deforestation will spread worldwide.

- By deforesting the Amazon, it faces threats their water supply, energy production, food and health.

global warming makes the land dry


- By recycling, people could save paper which could lead to cutting down less trees.

- Farmers could reuse land as well; to make the land more fertile, people could build irrigation systems.

- with the extra farm land, people could use this land for cattle. Ranchers can get the grass/food for the animals from this plan: when you mow your grass, you can put it into special bags. A truck can pick up these bags, and the grass can be shipped to places where the it/the food for animals is needed.

- South America countries could make more protected areas to limit the amount of land being illegally used.


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