It Gives Vera Claythorne... "And Then There WEre None", by Agatha Christie


It gives Vera Claythorne joy when she relaxes. She feels relief and gets to think about happy thoughts. Vera Claythorne loves to relax.
Aside from relaxing, going on vacations gives Vera Claythorne joy. She loves going to different places and taking some time for herself. This is one of the reasons Vera went to Indian Island. Vacations make Vera Claythorne happy.
Hugo also gives Vera a lot of joy. Throughout the book, Vera mostly thought about Hugo. Hugo made her so happy that she wanted to get married. There was one issue, money. Vera really wanted to marry Hugo and since they didn't have enough money, she let Hugo's nephew drown knowing that Hugo would get the money for his nephew's death. Hugo made Vera a little bit too happy.


Vera Claythorne has hope when she thinks about Hugo starting a family with her. Hugo is the love of her life, and even after Hugo said that they weren't going to get married, Vera was still in love. She really wanted a family with Hugo, but unfortunately she didn't get one.
Becoming a gym teacher at a decent school has always given Vera hope. She was already a gym teacher at another school, but she didn't really like it there. She loves teaching younger kids and she wants to become better at it by going to a better school.
Becoming successful financially also gives Vera a lot of hope. This is one of the other reasons she wanted to be a gym teacher at a better school.


Vera Claythornes's job also gives her pride. She is proud that little kids respect her and proud that she is a leader.
Being a leader also gives Vera pride. She loves when she sets a good example for other people, and sometimes for herself.
Being loved by Hugo also gives Vera pride. He is the man of her life and she will never give up on him.


When Vera thinks about why everyone is dying, it gives her pause. It gives her worry because she doesn't know when she is going to die.
When Vera thinks about who the murderer of all the people is, it also gives her pause. She doesn't know what the murderer is capable of, so it gives her that sense of worry.
When Vera thinks about Hugo, it also gives her pause. She knew that Hugo loved his nephew Cyril very much, and she let that poor child drown. She thinks about how sad Hugo probably is right now, and feels a lot of guilt.

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