The outbreak into World War 2 and how the U.S was involved. By: Nathan

1. Germany invades Poland Sep. 1, 1941

This is when Hitler gained control over the Nazi party and wanted to gain land from nearby countries and within this process, he takes over Poland. This was the start of the second world war. He then took issues into his hand by getting rid of the non nazi ideology and started creating camps for these people to go and suffer.

2. Holocaust Jan. 30, 1933-May 8, 1945

The Holocaust was a genocide that happened as soon as Hitler was announced chamberlain of the country Germany. He made millions of jews suffer and caused many of them to die or be injured for life. He made camps for this and made many of them suffer.

3. Battle of Britain July 16, 1940-Oct. 31, 1940

The battle of Britain was a battle between Britain and the german air forces. They would attack from air and so the British need to strike back.

4. Attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941

This was when the U.S. had joined into the World War 2 because Japan had attacked the U.S marine base back in Hawaii and so we brought back weapons that caused the whole city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to die completely. We had used nuclear warfare to strike back.

5. Bataan Death March April 9, 1942

This death march was the surrender of the U.S to Japan. Many of the Filipino and Americans had to march straight to camps where the kept them captive.

6. Battle of Guadalcanal Aug. 7, 1942-Feb. 9, 1943

This battle was actually an operation to take an island called Tulagi. IT was the first major offense from the allied forces to compete with the empire of Japan.

7. D-day June 6, 1944

Many Americans had invaded Normandy of France to attack Germany since they were invading Normandy. Eisenhower made it clear that this was a crusade where we will take victory. We lost many troops but fought really hard to get rid of germany

8. Battle of the Bulge Dec. 16, 1944-Jan. 25, 1945

This was the last attempt that Germany tried to make in world war 2. It was a surprise attack and completely scared the Allied forces out of nowhere. This was a strong approach but the Allied forces took them out and ended World War2.


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