Player or Spectator ? which one will you choose? Prashik walke

There exist two kinds of people in the world. First kind of people whom I call “players ” these are the people who like to play in their respective games. Now games could be different for different people with respect to their interests. When you observe them you will find them always playing their respective game. Now, who are these players? Let me tell you by example. The politicians who form the government are players, scientists who come up with new discoveries are players, entrepreneurs who build the companies are players and religious leaders who form religion are players.

Now I introduce you second types of people. I call them “Spectators”. You will observe these people practically taking part in nothing. Now, who are these people? they are people who always possess opinion about everything! Like reporters expecting governments to work effectively. Or a common man who always say that how cronies in business are destroying common people. You will observe them talking glorious scientific past of country and degradation of religion values. These people are mostly educated but not by their own experience but by the educational institutions

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