India ides trip review 2017

Recently, two staff members were blessed with the opportunity to visit several of IDES' mission partners currently working throughout India.

This is what we witnessed.

India is diverse from top to bottom, including its landscape, its culture, and its people.

From foggy, towering mountain ranges...

...to compact, crowded cities.

From beautiful, accessible coastlines...

...to rural, hard-to-reach villages.

Throughout the country there is a peculiar and powerful juxtaposition of beauty and brokenness.

India's culture is anchored upon genuine hospitality.

Each person or family we met graciously invited us into their homes, offering us chai tea, coconut water, or even a meal.

Their humble focus on others' needs never ceased to inspire us.

At the core of each community are intertwining circles of multiple-generation families and fiercely loyal friendships.

Unfortunately, not all is well in India.

The seemingly indomitable caste system perpetuates cycles of willful oppression against people born into the lowest caste of society.

Families just like yours and ours are suffering under the crushing weight of systematic poverty, hunger, and injustice.

Preventable diseases afflict those who do not have access to much-needed healthcare.

Recent disasters continue to affect those who do not have the ability to recover on their own.

The lack of equally accessible resources forces the most vulnerable populations into a position of great risk.

India's culture is built upon deep-rooted Hindu traditions, which often inspire fear and hostility against the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many local pastors and church members have been severely persecuted, faithfully serving despite beatings, torture, and several murders.

Try as they may, the forces of oppression, poverty, disease, disaster, inequality, and persecution cannot strip the most marginalized people of their most basic human right:


Widowed, orphaned, homeless, hungry, diseased, low-caste.

But, before any other label, these individuals are first and foremost


In the midst of great pain and suffering, there is a resilient and humble joy that drives a love for others that is deeper than we have ever witnessed.

This joyous love is blossoming because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

IDES' mission partners and regional church leaders are boldly sharing the Gospel despite government opposition and local persecution.

Those in the lowest caste are especially responding, placing their hope and faith in Jesus.

These brothers and sisters have deep love for God and for each other.

Their rich faith in Him moves them to passionate worship and humble service.

Thanks to your generous and faithful partnership with us, recovery work in the name of Jesus is transforming entire communities.

Families whose homes were destroyed by natural or man-caused disaster now have a roof over their heads.

Clean-water wells have been dug or drilled in many rural villages which previously had limited access to this basic necessity.

Ongoing hunger relief programs are providing food for those who are at risk of malnourishment and food insecurity.

Marginalized groups of people are being cared for and provided for in the name of Jesus Christ.

To those whom society has deemed unworthy of love, IDES' mission partners are showing the love of God.

Animals and livestock have been provided to families in need of sustainable sources of food and income.

Income-generating programs, like Sewing Schools, have been started to train individuals in productive skills.

Gypsy families, whom the authorities have relegated to the outskirts of society, have been provided with the chance to earn an income and work sustainably.

Orphaned children have been adopted into the family of the Father God who chose them as His own.

Instead of growing up on the street, they are now living in group homes and participating in after-school programs.

Disabled children are learning that they are more than able to serve in God's Kingdom.

At-risk children are receiving Christian education, blessing them with the opportunity to learn and grow.

There is Hope for India.

By God's grace and mercy, much work has already been done to transform the lives of those who are suffering.

But, there is still more work to be done.

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." - Jesus speaking, John 13:35

Thank you for taking the time to read this photo-journal.

We praise God for brothers and sisters like you who are willing to support our ministry of help and hope.

Please join us in praying for the people of India, for those who are suffering, and for IDES' mission partners that are diligently working to transform lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

Created By
E. Chase Cotten


E. Chase Cotten, Media Director at IDES ccotten@ides.org

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