MARTA'S PORTFOLIO keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground


These are the aspects that appear on my Mindmap: Helping others, traveling, always learning and discovering, fighting to defend social justice and human rights, family & friends, volunteering & ONGs, cinema, art and literature, Social Education, FREEDOM. I think that all of them benefit my MENTAL HEALTH and help me having a good personal development (FLOURISHING); as well as to have a positive state of my capacities and functioning. Also I think they influence me to have sufficient levels of emotional, psychological and social WELLBEING. Next I am going to exemplify three of them:

Helping others gives meaning to my existence
We travel to change ideas not places
Always fighting to defend social justice and human rights

MY higher STRENGTHs...

  • HOPE: 50
  • COURAGE: 47

On one side, three of my higher stregths (INTEGRITY, PERSPECTIVE and PERSEVERANCE) match with the ones that appear on the narration of one of the toughest experiences of my life. On the ohter side, the two strengths that I choose to work on daily were: HOPE and SPIRITUALITY.

BEING AWARE OF MY STRENGTHS AND WORKING ON THEM ALLOWS ME TO... Face challenges of daily life with positive attitude. Have a realistic vision of my life to stablish achievable GOALS. See problems and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.... AND THIS CONTRIBUTES TO MY WELLBEING.

My optimism score: 27

Having a high level of OPTIMISM, it's a positive individual trait that could help me to have a good projection of my future; whereas this fact provides me the opportunity to be able to live positive future experiences, because I think that what you BELIEVE you CREATE. So if I project positive things with my mind, I will attract them.

Be the energy you want to attract

My future expectations:


Sharing HAPPINESS with the people I love. Learning and cultivating my spirit and my mind. Having the chance to continue travelling and discovering the world. Enjoying the present moment (MINDFULNESS) with greatfulness. Having improved my skills as a professional and as a human being.

OPTIMISM and the positive human functioning are emphasized by the POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY which helps to reflect the basic assumptions of the human nature and it is also focused on the good things of the person.

Based on PosPsy, human experiencies can be divided in three levels: POSITIVE experiencies - POSITIVE individual traits -POSITIVE institutions.

On class, we practice a way to get optimistic which is based on three steps: 1.- Describe a situation and the pessimistic thoughts about it. 2.- Support these pessimistic thoughts. 3.- Change these thoughts for optimistic ones.

EMOTIONS are the essence of life

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE refers to the people's capacity to know our own emotions and others, and to know how to regulate them.

My Emotional Perception Scale
  • Emotional perception: I got very low score on this dimension, so I need to improve and work on my capacity to identify and recognize my own and the others' feelings; and I also have to improve in decoding emotional signals and discriminating sincere than fake emotions.
  • Emotional clarity: I got excellent score on the dimension of putting the name of the emotions, also in anticipating and retrospecting to identify the causes and the possible future consequences.
  • Emotional regulation: I got proper score on this dimension that reflects the emotional states and using them properly; as well as the fact of trying to increase POSITIVE EMOTIONS and decreasing the negative emotions.

FLOURISHING would only be possible when my EMOTIONAL NEEDS are fullfilled, so for this, I need to work on my emotional skills, mainly on my emotional perception.


POSITIVE EMOTIONS can help me build durable resources for future situations and can help me explore, learn, create and make more sensible judgements and decisions. They also expand my cognitions and my behavioral tendencies. Moreover, they amplify my capacity of attention and, as a consequence, I would have a widened repertoire of thoughts and actions. As well as my immunes system will be improved.


So if I am able to self-generate POSITIVE EMOTIONS frequently, this would be a great contribution to my HAPPINESS, my WELLBEING and they will produce gains in my STRENGTHS.

Positive Emotions

POSITIVE EMOTIONS are part of the AFFECT which is the emotional component of the SUBJECTIVE WELLBEING.

POSITIVE EMOTIONS are framed on the PERMA MODEL as one of its five elements. The main topic of this model is WELLBEING and its measure is FLOURISHING.

My level of satisfaction in life

LIFE SATISFACTION is the cognitive component of the SUBJECTIVE WELLBEING and it's based on the life expectancies. As it can be seen, I had a very high score on life satisfaction which means that I get what I want out of life; and that I know where I want to go and what I want to achieve, and all of these contributes to my WELLBEING.

Myself expressing Happiness :)
My level of Happiness

HAPPINESS depends on my genetics, my circumstances and my internal state of mind. As it can be seen, I had a notable score on my level of happiness, but this doesn't mean that it will always be like that; because I can improve my own happiness everyday by changing my thoughts and my actions.

How could I improve my own HAPPINESS? Expressing GRATITUDE - Trying to avoid comparing myself with the others - Nurturing an OPTIMISM mindset - Continue forgiving others - SAVORING life.

From the perspective of FLOW, a good life would be characterized by a complete absortion in what one does. HAPPINESS, then, is understood as a process.


Expressing GRATITUDE means to deep focus on the present moment (MINDFULNESS), appreciating life as it is and recognizing what has enabled it to be that way. GRATITUDE has multiple benefits such as having more energy, more empathy, being more forgiving with others and helping them more, being more hopeful and healthy; as well as being less materialistic, being less lonely, less neurotic, less depressed and less anxious. As we have seen, expressing GRATITUDE is one of the components to build HAPPINESS.


START each day with a grateful HEART


  • Being alive and being able to enjoy life fully.
  • Being able to breath and having good health.
  • Being able to appreciate the beauty of everything that surrounds me.
  • Being able to life in the present moment: HERE & NOW (MINDFULNESS).
  • All the opportunities that life has given to me.
  • All the wonderful people who is in my life and give meaning to my existence. For all the LOVE and support I receive from them.
  • The dinamism of LIFE and its possibilities of change.
  • All the circumstances and experiences that happened in my life that allowed me to learn, grow and be who I am nowadays.
  • For being as HAPPY as I am with myself and with my life.



MINDFULNESS is the capacity to pay attention to the internal and external experiences that are ocurring in the PRESENT MOMENT with acceptance, self-regulation of the attention and with open orientation through those own experiences. MINDFULNESS also implies some kind of INNER WORK.

On the gym, we tried some of the principal practices to train MINDFULNESS: conscious breathing, conscious eating and corporal exploration. Practicing MINDFULNESS made me realize that it can help me to achieve the optimal experience (FLOW).

Immediate feedback about the process


  • Intense and focused concentration on what I am doing in the PRESENT MOMENT.
  • Loss of reflective self-consciousness (loss of awareness of oneself as a social actor).
  • A sense that I can control my own actions; that is, a sense that I can in principle deal with the situation because I know how to respond to whatever happens next.
  • Distorsion of temporal experience (a sense that the time has passed faster than normal).
  • Experience of the activity as intrinsically rewarding. The end GOAL is just an excuse for the process.


  • Emotional consciousness.
  • Sensitivity to contexts.
  • New categories.
  • Opening to the information and to the experiences.
  • Living in a way less conditioned by the repetitive emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns.
  • Emotional self-regulation, no reactivity.
  • Capacity for resilience and for personal growing (FLOURISHING).
  • Conscious and significant learning.
  • Orientation to the present: "Be vs. Do".
  • Receptivity and reflective answers.
  • Genuine interpersonal relationship.

Structural changes on the brain caused by MINDFULNESS: 1.- Activation of the medial areas of the Prefrontal Cortex. 2.- Growth of the cortical thickness of the Insula, the Sensorial Cortex and the Prefrontal Cortex. 3.- Inhibition of the activation of the Amygdala and its thickness is reduced. 4.- Subjects who practice it perceive less stress. 5.- More connections between the Prefrontal Cortex and the Amygdala.

Moments of SAVORING

Some of the SAVORING moments I choose are: enjoying a day in the beach with the person I love, painting a mandala, meditating, staring at the moon, enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, reading what I like, marveling with the arrival of the spring and enjoying a walk on the mountain.

Marta's Individual Action Plan

achieving to be the best version of myself and beING better than THE PERSON i was yesterday.

Each day is an opportunity to improve oneself
"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self" (Aldous Huxley)

Marta Felip Hervás


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