The Best of What Canada Has to Offer Celebrating 150 Years!

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year! It's a great time to think about this beautiful place we call home and share some of the most wonderful gifts it has to offer.


What do you love best about Canada? The landscapes? The people? Food? Celebrations? Values? Choose any three (3) specific features of this country that are important and meaningful to YOU.


Conduct research on your three selected features. Use only credible internet sources (no blogs or Wikis!) Take detailed, point form notes describing your features (ex. what it is, where it is, its physical characteristics, its origin and history). Remember to paraphrase your research- no copying and pasting! Referencing of sources will not be required for this project.


Now that you've described your three features, explain why they are so important to you. Why should they be celebrated and valued by ALL Canadians? These are your own thoughts and reflections. Think critically- no research is required.


Using Adobe, create a Spark Page or Spark Video that shows off your Canadian features and their importance. Make use of the elements of design such as images, colour, font, and space. Spark offers a wide array of stock images, but you can personalize your work with family photos. You can even insert video clips! Be sure to ask permission before posting family images.


Generate a shareable link for your Spark Page or Spark Video to share with your teacher. Paste your Adobe Spark link (with your name and a title) into your submission on Google Classroom. If you need help, please ask!

Yay! You're finished!


Created with images by josemiguels - "canada flag country" • @boetter - "Brainstorms at INDEX: Views" • qimono - "philatelist stamp collection stamp" • mikesween - "puzzle game solution" • stevepb - "building blocks construction" • PublicDomainPictures - "photos sharing transfer" • Picudio - "flag racing grand prix"

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