Judy Qian Zhu product design

Hobby my hobby is drawing, painting, reading psychology books, learning anything interests me and day dreaming....

Background I grew up in China, trained as a broadcaster, learned nothing, except I enjoyed performance experience. My brain was fed with anti-nutritious Chinese government culture for decades, but I found out happily that it can't kill my creativity, but it could mislead me and destroy my self-confidence. Actually I spent my whole adolescent wondering who I am and what I truely need and should I fit into the majority.

Education can I omit my chinese qualifications? Cause I didn't learn anything. Ok, I just graduated from Visual Art of cert IV in NMIT, and greatly enjoyed it, and found back my true self there.

Why do I choose product design I always love design. As I found my true self in visual arts I discovered my personality more, like I would just sit there hours of hours, days of days learning and doing research for something intrigues me and always searching new idea to satisfied my brain. As my personal situation comes along, I think it's an opportunity to boldly embrace product design and discover myself more.

What inspire me when I am doing art, I notice my inspiration would come from nature, art works and philosophy and surprisingly my 3 years old boy! Picasso once said "every child is an artist", I now totally agree!

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