Kreeft's 6 Arguments for Life After Death By Matthew Chmil

1. Argument from Authority - Many authoritative figures throughout the course of history have preached and taught religion as objective truth. This included Jesus, who claimed religion is the breath of mankind.

2. Argument from Desire - The desire to conquer death is in all of us. We are all in search of something more that can satisfy our lives that leave us unfulfilled on earth.

3. Argument from the Soul Not Having Parts - After death, a soul must go somewhere, for it does not desintegrate into pieces like the body. It must go somewhere, a place after death.

4. Argument from Reason and Free Will - Our souls are spiritual, and therefore immortal. Compounded with a body that is mortal, a human being's spirt carries on in the form of a soul that does in fact support the fact of life after death.

5. Argument from God - God is love, and his infinite love for us lends itself in the interpretation of an environment in which we could bask in his glory for all of infinity. This does not manifest itself on earth, but does so in an immortal resting place, or an afterlife.

6. Argument from the Intrinsic Value of the Person - A person is so valuable and individually important that his value and meaning does not cease at death. Death is simply a portal into a separate world where the intrinsic value of a person is magnified by the magnifying glass of God.


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