CHess: A Game of Light and Dark A simple game with a rather complicated past

Experts agree that the earliest precursor to current day chess is CHaturanga, a 1500 year old game named after a Sanskirt battle formation in the mahabharta THAT BEGAN IN iNDIA.
fROM iNDIA CHATURANGA SPREAD TO Pakistan, Afghanistan, Southern parts of Central Asia, Persia, Africa BY WAYS OF MERCHANTS AND iSLAMIC wARRIORS, and North Africa, Sicily, and Spain through Muslims. Eastern Slavs and Vikings carried the game to Kievan Rus, Iceland, and England, all by the 1oth to 14th century.
Chaturanga's spread changed the game as it traveled, like the seen picture of Chinese chess (top left), which gained growing popularity by the 11th century in China, Japan, and Korea. The other pictures shown are variants of modern day chess: Gliński's Hexagonal Chess game and circular chess.
The original chaturanga pieces (from top left to top right of left picture): Raja(King), Mantri(Minister), Hasty(Elephant), Ashwa(Horse), Ratha(Chariot), and Padah(Soldier). Their modern day counterparts are shown in the right picture from right to left, top to bottom: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn.


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