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Digital Video

Assignment Week Two: Create a theme based film sequence using different types of camera shots.

For this assignment I used clouds as my theme. I searched for tutorials to learn how to overlay the title and add effects to the end. I find that the reflection is most helpful because if I was going to do this again I might have incorporated some still pictures into it to see the outcome. I did find 20 secs a small amount of time to incorporate various angle and type of shots.

Introduction Video

Assignment Week One:Create a 15 second film short using a single color with increased intensity. ‚ÄčThis assignment kept me thinking of the movie "Pleasantville" that used color to make a point. The instructional video was very helpful as I began my adventure into the land of Premier Pro.


Class Assignment 1 - Create a Recipe using a template in InDesign

Assignment 1 - InDesign is a robust software and I find it can be frustrating when you first use it. I was not sure why my soup picture pixelated and because it was not wide enough I added it twice. I ran into some errors. To start I did not have the fonts used in the template. So I went in search of them for free and downloaded them to add to my font choices. I also ran into trouble when I went to save it as a pdf something about the measurements of the template did not match the measurements I had set up in my preferences. Of course, I was not sure how to fix it. I always pick up a good bit of information from the live class sadly it goes so quickly.

Soup was not a category in the templates so I just used bake I tried to get into the font to change it but could not. The whole idea of templates is new to me. The little work I have done in InDesign has been done without the use of a template.

Recipe spread made with template

Class Assignment 2 - This week the assignment was to create a poster for a band from scratch.

Live classroom did not disappoint I have used InDesign in the past as it was required by the print company of our school magazine. I did not realize the power of this software until class yesterday. My son's good friend is a Rapper (UncleSamMC) so I emailed him to ask permission to use pictures and content from his website.

My challenges with this assignment came with using layers, getting the correct photographs, font and add design eliminates. I really liked the musical instrument font I found for the title but if I was to do this again I would change the information box about the concert.

It came up during this skills builder that a longer more robust course would be helpful.

A link to this work in Behance.

Final Assignment: Write a reflection of your learning experience during this Skill Builder Print and Screen

Reflection: Skill Builder Print and Screen

The first thing that comes to mind is WOW how much there is to learn using InDesign and my hope that you will offer a five (5) week course using this product. This skill builder scratches the surface to the power of InDesign. The first assignment to build a recipe taught me about templates. This is something I will explore more going forward. I was not sure why my classmates graded me down for that assignment. I loved that I can edit a picture via Photoshop right inside InDesign that is cool. I think it is important to note that the content needs to be available via the links and what a broken link means and how to fix them, another thing I learned was that if a text box has a little red box with a plus in it that it means some of the text is hidden.

Taking the other side of the desk I realize again how much we assume as instructors. Years ago my father pointed this fact out to me when he first started using a computer, he is 95 years old. The things that come to us via prior knowledge and or technology skill usage connections are not prior knowledge to new learners.

It has taken me awhile to get use to the UI (User Interface) and at first found it a bit daunting. Some of the nuances took me some time to grasp. I try to keep an eye out for my fellow classmates and offer guidance in this virtual world. It is such a nice opportunity to have the chance to ask questions of the instructors during the live classes and I find it helpful to view the assignment and lesson prior to class (flipped classroom approach to learning).

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