Monthly Bulletin August 2020 | Harrisonburg first church of the nazarene

Life Groups are one of the primary avenues for discipleship at HFCN. Our groups ministry exists to Connect people, grow faith, & care for one another. Our Fall semester of Life Groups begins in September. Signups begin August 9th.

Life Groups primarily meet during semesters in the Fall (September-November), Winter/Spring (February-April) and during the Summer.

In accordance with the practice of the Church of the Nazarene, the Church Board of Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene will be meeting with District Superintendent, Dr. Phillip Fuller, on August 12, 2020. The meeting is standard operating procedure and is guided by our church policy. The purpose of the review is to have a conversation about the effectiveness of the church and the effectiveness of the relationship between the church board and the pastor. A review of the pastor/church effectiveness occurs on the second anniversary of a pastor’s tenure, and every four years thereafter. The board will meet in executive session.

Best Week Ever 2020

You signed up, showed up, & served. Whether from home or in-person, thank you for participating in Best Week Ever, during one of our hottest weeks this summer! Over 1500 volunteer hours were given by over 200 volunteers for this project (doesn’t include the months of preparation time)! More than a dozen local organizations were impacted by your love & care, including healthcare facilities, first responders, & non-profits. Many families & individuals were reached by encouraging phone calls/cards, unexpected acts of kindness, landscaping, tree removal, cleanup/building projects, & Kids Care bags. Meals & baked goods were made with love & delivered. Others visited sites to capture the action and encourage those serving. Daily devos were written and provided, along with music shared by our worship leaders. Project leaders led their teams by example & with prayer. We are grateful to you all for the role that you played. Mostly, we are grateful to Jesus for allowing and inviting us to bring Him glory while serving others throughout our valley!

Micah Branson (Landscaping Team)

Micah’s team went to Mery’s home to power wash and landscape, but found the need to fix downspouts, door seals, a gravel driveway, and planters for the front porch. When they were done, Mery was cooking dinner for family in the background. She told the team, “God knows what we need, every detail.” She said, “I know all the problems with my house but I have no way to fix them.” A single mom, Mery said money was always the issue. She said she wanted to take pictures of each detail the team fixed and share with her mother because it was like God knew her needs. She said, “I never told anyone what I needed and look, He provided.”

It was only by God’s divine planning that the same team arrived at Summit St in Dayton on Tuesday of Best Week Ever. In the planning phases for BWE, Micah was told that Miguel’s wife had been hospitalized for COVID-19 for 60 days. On the Sunday before BWE, the team found out that she had passed away. Yes, there was a language barrier and the decorum of COVID-19 “rules” prevented the team from embracing Miguel with a hug. So, they spoke the language that transcends language, time and rules. They lifted and surrounded him in prayer. The entire time they were there, he served the Lord right along with them.

The youngest member of the team, Emely (9), asked, “what can I do?” She was able to help put down mulch. Micah shared that her kids ask her all the time, “what can I do mommy?” Even at an early age, we are created to take part in God’s purpose and plan for our lives. He wants to engage us and give us the joy and purpose that serving together brings to the surface. All God asks is that we be available.

These stories truly make a tapestry. We love seeing how they all tie together.

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