Tattoos on The Heart By Jillian Rokes

Preface and Introduction: Home Boy Industries. The preface talks about the stories and the individual challenges. The Introduction talks about Home Boy Industries and how it has operated as a symbol of help. They seek out the problems in gangs. They believe jobs, not jail.
Chapter 1: God, I Guess: Forgiveness. A common theme in chapter one is forgiveness. My favorite story was about Scrappy. Scrappy and Father Greg did not get along for a long time. Scrappy did many things that Fr. G did not approve of. Scrappy comes in crying and asking Father G for help. He doesn't know life without the streets and drugs. Fr. G offered him a job. I reflect on this by, you can't hate someone forever. You have to learn to forgive and apologize. Seek help if you need it.
Chapter 2: Dis-Grace. Shame is a common theme in chapter two. Shame leads to disgrace. My favorite story from this chapter is about Lefty. Lefty's spirit died when it was asked to carry more than its weight with terror, betrayal, and violence. Lefty's dad beat his mother when he was younger. He grabbed a gun and pulled it on his father at the age of nine. Being in a gang, you realize you grow up really fast and have to learn to defend yourself and that is what Lefty did.
Chapter 3: Compassion. A common theme in chapter three is love. My favorite story from this chapter is about Betito. Betito is a twelve year old boy. Fr. G and him really get along well. Betito was shot and killed. Fr. G found compassion after Betito's death. Fr. G was very angry after his death. He did not let his anger out on those who killed Betito. He hoped they might change themselves. I reflect on this by, I think Father Greg is very strong to be able to not let anger out on those who killed Betito.

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