Northeast Woodlands By: Iyana, Jorja, Katelynn, and Anna

Region: Northeast Woodlands

This group is called the Iroquois Confederacy. There are many tribes within these Native Americans. A few are, the Mowhawk, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora. These Native Americans lived where we do now. They were all over PA and NY. Just go look outside, and you will most likely see an environment similar to what they lived in. There are many inland rivers, streams, and lakes. The weather mild and there are many trees and hills.

This is a picture showing what the Native Americans called their home

The Northeast Woodland Native Americans had a different idea on how the world was started than many of us do now. They believed that in a place named Sky World, and in the center of this place, stood a Great Tree. The tree had roots pointing North, East, South, and West. The Great Tree was not to be touched by anyone because it was sacred. However, one day a woman wanted some of its bark and got her husband to take some. Soon, however, there was a hole in the floor of Sky World. The lady fell into the hole and onto a flock of swans' wings. They did not know what to do with her because there was no land; there was only water and the creatures inside of it. A turtle soon said, "There is room on my back ." The swans placed the woman on the turtle's back and flew away. Then, realizing that the woman would need earth to live on, the creatures of the sea dove down to get a little earth. Finally, a muskrat managed and placed the earth on top of the turtle's back. When the woman began to walk in a circle the same direction as the sun, the mud grew until it became Turtle Island (which is the name for what the Iroquois called their home in North America). The woman then dropped the seeds and berries she had from Sky World, and they sprouted into the plants and trees that now cover the earth. Her children became known as "Hodenosaunee", which means "people of the long house" (this is what they called themselves).

The Iroquois wore very traditional attire. The men wore kilt-like skirts almost to their knees over leggings. They also wore blouses/shirts or a vest made of decorated deerskin. The women would wear long skirts that almost reached their ankles. Skirts were decorated with beads or porcupine quills dyed red, blue, and yellow. Sometimes women wore leggings under their long skirts. On the top, they also wore blouses or vests made out of deer skin. The children would wear the same but in smaller sizes.

This is a Longhouse

The Iroquois would live in homes called Longhouses. Just like the name, Longhouses are long. They are made out of upright logs, cross poles, and are covered in elm bark. The roof is made out of tree saplings curved over. As you can see in the picture above the entrance of the Longhouse is small. The different clans Bear, Deer, etc. will carve their animal on the Longhouse to show it is their clan's Longhouse.

The Picture Here shows a Woman Weaving a Basket

The Iroquois women or girls would do the whole process of making a basket. She would make the tools if needed for work. She would gather and prepare materials, and then she would make the Whole Basket. They would also care for children, house keeping, and harvesting/planting crops. The men made tools for hunting and made weapons for war. They would also build/repair homes They would also make wampum and carved wooden bowls, cups, and stone pipes. The girls learn house keeping and for later on they would learn how to farm. Boys learn how to make tools, grow tobacco, to hunt, and to repair homes. The role always depends on the weather.

A picture showing what they ate.

The Iroquois ate many vegetables and corn. They also ate many different kinds of nuts, berries, meat, and fish. They have almost 150 recipes for corn. The meat and fish would be caught in traps or nets and then would be killed. They often dried and/or smoked the meat on racks to preserve it. A favorite meal was a stew based on meat and/or corn. They would add all sorts of food - meat, corn, beans, squash, mushrooms, and more.

This is a picture of Tadodaho, Deganwidah, and Hiawatha.

While the nations were fighting 3 men appeared. Their names were Deganwidah, Tadodaho, and Hiawatha. Deganwidah could not speak very well, and Hiawatha could. They were both going for the same goal. Unlike Deganwidah and Hiawatha, Tadodaho did not want to end the fighting. Deganwidah and Hiawatha met, Deganwidah made plans, but Hiawatha could speak well. Hiawatha spoke to Tadodaho and was not cruel anymore.

This is a picture showing the Europeans and Iroquois meeting.

Some of the people wanted to be friends. While others thought they couldn't because their civilization were very different. Also, they believed in different things like how the world was created. Many of the Europeans thought that the Indians were savages. They also thought they were animals without customs or organizations.

They have 6 holidays. One is the Maple Festival also there is a Strawberry Festival, Planting Festival, Green Corn Festival, Harvest Festival and a New Years Festival. The Maple Festival is held in early spring, when the sap begins to flow. The Planting is in later spring. You would give give thanks to the Great Spirit for the return of planting season. You would also ask blessings on the seeds placed in the Earth. In May or early June, tiny wild strawberries ripened. The Strawberry Festival came and celebrated the return of the first fruits of the Earth. After the long winter the begging of New Year came. You would feast on fresh strawberries.

This is how they would appel to the Great Spirit

They believed that supernatural forces were everywhere in nature. They also believed every being has a soul. They believe in a spirt called Great Spirit. They believed that the spirit was not responsible for the creation of human beings, plants and animals, and the forces of good nature.

This is a Wampum

They would make wampum. You make wampum beads with shells by cutting them up in smaller pieces. They used purple, white, and black. Wampum can be used as belts that can tell stories. They would also make little dolls made out of corn husk and other materials to make it look like a doll. They would use the doll to entertain children. They also made dream catchers too. They also made paintings that could represent their relationship with spiritual forces.

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