E-car Alessia Ricchiuti, Serena Fisco, Louise Capart, Thibault Apollis

Living in a world that is built on creation and innovation, our company will provide the production of perfect design and ecological car. E-car will reduce carbon footprint in order not to contaminate further our ecosystem.


Our team is composed of four young adults, devoted to deliver an innovative product. We are young entrepreneurs, with different cultural backgrounds. This will give us a broader outlook on our business plan and development of the product.

Thibault, a 19 year old French business man who saw an opportunity in a current market hole. He decided to partner with a group of young women to develop the necessary style to make his product diverse. Thibault is currently planning to continue his studies in a Finance and Economics master, after he successfully completes his undergraduate studies here at IE University.
Louise, is an international entrepreneur who is well travelled and open minded. Her values stem primarily from her international education, but also from her incredibly open personality. This has enabled her to develop a critical mind which has been really helpful in her career as a business woman. She plans to continue her studies as a Law student in her Master's Degree. Louise will be head of the Law department, in order to take care of any law suits or issues that might arise.
Our head of Marketing is a determined young woman who has experienced many different cultural backgrounds including the USA, Italy, Spain, and China. Her name is Serena, and she is an Italian student of BBA here at IE University. All of these interactions with different cultures have enabled her to develop a massive cultural awareness. This will obviously be crucial regarding the development of our marketing plan, since we will be able to reach every possible customer world wide


The last component of our group is Alessia. She is a 19 year old Italian Psychology student at IE University. Her bachelor has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the human psyche. For this reason she will be the Head of Human Resources in our company. Alessia will be in charge of the relationships between coworkers and with the customers. This will grant our company a united and compact working environment, that will in turn guarantee an efficient business.


We are going to use social media in order to create awareness. Since we are producing electric cars, we are proposing a new product in a small market and we need to create awareness to sell our products.


We are able to produce cheaper but not less elegant, and eco-friendly electric cars than our competitors.


  • Youngadult/Adult (age from 20-50)
  • Middle to high income
  • People living in Urban Areas but still care about Rurals Areas
  • Care about the environment but want to have a stylish powerful car
  • Our targeted customer is a young adult in the middle-high social class. Our audience tells us that we should focus on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.


We will create an app through which our customers will always be able to reach us in real time and be provided with all the services they need. In addition, we will create social media pages in which we will post daily our new products, news, events and information. Our customers will see us as their friends on social media.


We will calculate the difference from before we implemented the Social Media Strategy and after by analysing:

  • Sales
  • Market power
  • Brand Reputation
  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand Awareness
  • View of the website/ social media
  • Likes on social website


We will begin by creating an app and a website, and later, based on our success in these two fields, we will create an instagram, facebook, and twitter page, in order to increase our brand awareness and to be closer to our customers.

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