Introduction to Photoshop Task 1 2020

Assessment Task 1

Visual Design Preliminary. Term One 2020
  • Task issued: Week 2 Term 1 2020
  • Submission due: Week 10 Term 1 2020

Course Overview

This 10 week introductory course is designed to familiarize you with Photoshop document set-up, work-space, tools, tool options, panels and layouts. By the end of this series of lessons and tutorials you will be able to work independently and with confidence on any project requiring the use of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Files for this series of tutorials are located on the 'Public Drive' under 'Visual Design 2020/ Term 1 or you can download the updated tasks from your Google Classroom under the ‘Classwork’ tab in the ‘Class Drive folder’

Managing your files

  • In your home drive create a new folder and label this ' Visual Design 2020’
  • Inside that folder create 3 new folders and label them Terms 1-3
  • In the Term 1 folder create 5 new sub folders and label them Task1 - Task 5
  • For each completed task keep both psd and jpg copies of work files.

Outcomes assessed DM1, DM2, DM5, DM6, CH1, CH2

Core skill sets covered include:

  • opening files,
  • creating a new file and setting the file parameters,
  • navigating the work space,
  • making selections using the marquee tools, lasso tools and pen tool.
  • copying and pasting selections,
  • creating layer masks,
  • using 'reveal all' and 'conceal all' masks,
  • painting onto a mask to define a selection,
  • using a gradient on a mask to blend layers,
  • merging layers,
  • naming layers,
  • creating layer sets,
  • making snapshots in history,
  • painting into a layer with a history state,
  • using paste into,
  • using and adjusting levels,
  • creating adjustment layers
  • adjusting saturation,
  • applying colour adjustments,
  • applying and adjusting filters,
  • deleting selections,
  • inverting selections,
  • refining selections,
  • using layer modes,
  • creating paths,
  • turning a path into a selection,
  • stroking a path,
  • copying layers,
  • deleting layers,
  • deleting history states,
  • applying and adjusting transformations,
  • adjusting layer transparency
  • using and defining parameters for; the move tool, marquee tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool, quick selection tool, healing tool and patch tool, brushes, history brush, gradient, paint bucket and pen tools.

Lesson 1 |: Working with Selections.

Ryan Robinson

In this task you will learn how to open an existing document, create a new document with specific properties, make and refine selections using a range of tools. Copy and paste into a new document, create and organize layers, transform selections and save documents to selected sources in a range of formats.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 | Working with Masks

Painting onto a mask to reveal layer elements
Blending elements using a gradient mask
Combine image elements using contrast based selections.
Clipping Mask

In this series of short tutorials you will learn how to use masks to work in a non destructive manner to either reveal or conceal layer elements. Building on the previous tutorial you will learn to create a mask on a layer, paint on to the mask to reveal or conceal layer elements, use a gradient to blend layer elements and use contrast based elements to control masking and create clipping masks.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 |: Farm Transformation + Surreal Head

These two tutorials focus on mastering the spot healing tool, the healing tool, the patch tool, the pen tool and the paths palette.

Surreal Head
Farm Transformation
Lesson 4 | Photomontage

The 'Photomontage' project brings together all the skill sets covered to date in a complex task that demands attention to detail and provides ample opportunity to explore variations of the theme. Additional skills covered include working with the polygon lasso, working with vector documents, using; gradients, blur tool, paths,

The last four tutorials allow for independent interpretation

Lesson 5

  • Adding another dimension
  • Mixing design elements
  • Retro Comic
  • Tricks with light and shade
Adding Another Dimension
Retro Comic
Mixing design elements.
Tricks with light and shade

All images courtesy of current and graduate students @ Wyndham College

Research Task

Complete an overview of the history and development of Adobe Photoshop. Include splash screens where applicable and note new features and changes to the graphic user interface. Submit this in your chosen format to the Google Classroom for this subject.

Support for this task is at the top of the Introduction to Photoshop @ REWIRED.

Created By
Gary Poulton