~My World~ ~~I'm Colin bester and this is my world (literally)~~

My Family

My Father
The rest of my family

This is my family with my brother, mother, father, step father, step sister, and me. My brother likes baseball, My mother likes cooking and works at The Ohio State Medical Center, My Father likes practicing with me in baseball, My step father likes coding and works for his own company, My step sister likes dancing and has a scholarship to Una Momenta (A school in Boston), and I like to play baseball.

My Favorite Things To Do

My favorite things to do are baseball, my favorite baseball player is Mike Trout (The one who is hitting) and playing with friends.

My Future Job

VIDEO HERE with narration

My future job is a Major League Baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels or the Cleveland Indians.

My Culture


My cultures are Irish, English, and Slovenian.Here are some facts

Irish people generally have red hair, The average height of an Irish man is 5'8 and women, not far behind is 5'5. English culture started more than 10,000 years ago. 61% of English people have brown hair. Slovenian people were the first couple to climb Mount Everest. The official symbol of Slovenia is a dragon which is believed to be slain by Jason.


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