Everyone feels lonely sometimes.

Maybe we have to go somewhere different or come home to an empty house.

Maybe your best friend is sick or on holiday, or you find yourself in a group of people who all know each other well and they leave you out.

Whatever the reason there is always someone to talk to.

Listen to this !!

It might of taken time but even the volcano stopped feeling lonely in the end.

Here are a few ideas that may help you

Try spending more time with the people you already know or haven't spoken to in a while.

Make an effort to speak to others more often.

Do what you enjoy.

Doing what you enjoy can help you find others who also enjoy the same thing.

Talk to someone.

Telling someone how feel can make you feel so much better.

Even if it's just one person.

Try this activity

Grab a few different coloured pieces of paper. Write down the things that make you feel lonely, using all the different colours. Once you are done tear the paper into as many little pieces as possible and throw it in the air.

It's just like making your own confetti.

The paper will float away in the wind, just like bubbles and so will your loneliness in the end.
Just remember, you have to blow a bubble before it can pop.


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