Arts During the French Revolution By; MAya Jamison

  • There were two main types of artistic styles of art during the revolution
  • the first one was Rococo
  • the next is Neoclassicism
  • Rococo was marked by its asymmetry, naturalism, pastel colors, a light heartedness, and more
  • it was a decorative style and derived from the word rocaille
  • a lot the art was greatly impacted by Jean Watteau
  • The other style was neoclassicism
  • neoclassicism was the predominant artistic style during the French Revolution
  • this style tried to mirror society and also influenced the purposes of art and expression
  • this style was intended to educate people about the new goals of the government.

The French Revolution had an impact on the arts

  • there are tons of influential people who inspired a big part of the arts during the French Revolution
  • one of those people was Napoleon, whose paintings were painted by one artist in particular. (Jean- Louis David)
  • he also painted the Tennis Court of Oath, which was a major turning point for the revolution


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