Art photography By:Brendan Cooper

In this project I wanted to create a unique penguin something different, while making this piece of art I used contrast. My goal for this piece of art was to try my best to create something that is not common, overall I thing it turned out alright.
In the Printmaking project I decided to make a lion.The idea of this project was to make a positive and negative which I think toured out well. I enjoyed this project and it was fun to do!
In printmaking I chose the screwdriver as my tool to drawl. When I created this image I wanted to make it unique with contrast that would really show the darker and lighter colors. I chose a book as my background because I find myself following directions and setting my tools on the directions/book. Overall It turned out way better then I expected and enjoyed this project more than I thought I would.
In this project I found it to be interesting and wanted to create something with contrast. In order to do this I made one side dark and the other side brighter. I wanted to make it as three d as possible. This is because when I first started this project I was impressed to see the amount of ways you could do it.
While working on this project I wanted to try to make something that you wouldn't think of seeing. Therefore I tried picking things that people would do like a wave in the sea and the mermaids eye. Also while doing this project I tried new ways to get those dark and lights. Through this project I learned new skills of art and enjoyed it greatly.
While working on this project I found it to be fun and interesting. This is because its a different type of art work that I've never done and or experienced. While working on this project I wanted to show dominance in the ocean because the fish are swimming away from the shark. When i was doing this I tried to use those light and dark's correctly. Overall I tried my best on the project and thought it turned out alright.
While working on this project I found it to be useful and difficult to do. It was difficult to do this the first time. While working on this project I found it to be fun and interesting but also time consuming. It was hard at first to get the pattern right but after I got the hang of it it got easier.


Created with images by Ray Bouknight - "55/365 ~ Dallas Cowboys Helmet"

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