Unique new form of iron supplementation. much needed, and different

NutriCare Division of MediTec Group creates and markets iron supplements based on Heme Iron. This is the best-tolerated and most efficient form of iron we can use. The basic raw material is purified bovine hemoglobin powder of medical quality.

All other oral iron supplements feature artificial/synthetic forms of iron, that are functional, but not well tolerated and not very efficient. Of so-called non-heme iron over 90 % goes to waste, it is simply not taken up.

Heme iron is taken up at 20 - 40 %, Non-heme iron (all other artificial/synthetic forms) is taken up between 2 - 4 %.

The optifer® series of heme iron supplements

Since 2012 NutriCare has introduced a number of regular tablet products as well as chewable tablets, since sometimes hard tablets are difficult to consume. All of the products have a basic dosage of one tablet per day at any time. In clinical studies the tolerance for heme iron preparation is at placebo level. (it cannot get any better). Regular artificial/synthetic forms usually have side a potentially therapy-destroying side-effects ratio of 30 % or more.

extremely good tolerance and effect of heme iron in studies

In recent years the company has carved out a solid presence on various social media platform and there is real interest in many large markets worldwide. Some markets are already signed. We think the OptiFer® series of products really can do something in the battle against iron deficiency, which the WHO defines as the most widespread and common nutritional problem today, affecting industrialized countries as well as developing ones..

Today OptiFer® is represented by PROSCOPE in Sudan, UAE and KSA, L'AVENIR MEDICAL in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman and VOLO HEALTHCARE in Canada, USA and Mexico. We are actively seeking more partners.

Find out more at www.optifer.international

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Michael Collan, NutriCare Division, MediTec Group


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