Marriage/Family By: Mikaela Saenz-3rd Period:May

Way things are one period can be a whole lot different the other. In this time, you had to do certain stuff and now in this time, we can do anything. Women and girls cleaning their house and other houses, and paying a fee if you cheated was common thing in the Victorian period.

Marriage, in this era, the bride and groom had to do certain stuff in order to get married. "It may prove impossible to find the allegation or bond required, since many of the surviving records are believed to be incomplete." (London. 3rd picture-caption) The required documentation may no longer exist due to lack of records. "Until 1823 an applicant for a license also had to sign a bond, by which he would incur a monetary penalty if it was found that there was a legal impediment to the marriage." (London 5th picture-caption) They had to sign a paper in order to get married as they wanted and if they were caught cheating, they would have to pay a fee. "A marriage license was issued only after a written allegation of intention to marry was made by the prospective bride or bridegroom (or by their representative). "Giving their parishes and their approximate ages and stating that there was no legal impediment to the marriage."The marriage license was only given if the bride or groom approved it. It may be necessary to search allegations for up to three months before the date of the marriage, as marriage licenses were valid for three months." (London 2nd picture-caption) It was required for them to investigate if they were married before. "The existence of an allegation does not prove that the marriage took place at all." (London 1st picture-caption) To claim marriage does not make the marriage official. In this stage, you had to do certain stuff, just to get married.

Family, in this time, had all the young girls and women doing all the work around the houses. "This information sheet discusses the conditions and difficulties of domestic services in the late 19th - early 20th centuries, especially for girls and young women, considering the need to leave the family home at an early age, the lack of freedom, and the hard work that frequently had to be done by children." (Family. 2nd paragraph) Young women and children had to work at a young age, and not being able to do a lot of things. "This information sheet briefly discusses links between gender and community identity, and household cleanliness in the late 19th-early 20th centuries, considering the importance for some of cleaning areas outside the home, as well as the inside, and questioning the assumption that only women and girls carried out domestic chores." (Family 3rd paragraph) Only women and girls did chores both inside and outside their home. "Women are working day and night to win the war $25,000 immediately needed for the Women's War Time Fund to provide rest-rooms canteens and hostels." (family 4th paragraph) While the war was going on, women had to work all day just so their country could win the war. "Women urgently wanted for the W.A.A.C [...]" (Family 5th paragraph) They want the women to join the war effort. In this phase, girls weren't treated the same way boys and guys were.

Way it is now, is different than how it was in the Victorian era. Marriage back then, you had to sign certain documents and if you cheated while you were married you had to pay a fee. Marriage now, you don't have to sign a certain document if you wanted to get married, and if you cheated we don't have to pay a fee. Girls back then didn't have much rights as boys do now, they had to not only clean their whole house but other houses too. Girls now, have equal rights to boys, and we don't have to clean our house, its just a chore, and not certainly other people's houses. People were treated different then and now.


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