Charon The Ferryman :Dillon thurgood

Charon's Colsmology :BY CHARLES SIMIC

With only his dim lantern, To tell him where he is,And every time a mountain,Of fresh corpses to load up,Take them to the other side,Where there are plenty more,I’d say by now he must be confused,As to which side is which,I’d say it doesn’t matter,No one complains he’s got,Their pockets to go through,In one a crust of bread in another a sausage,Once in a long while a mirror,Or a book which he throws,Overboard into the dark river,Swift and cold and deep

Tone:Charon’s Cosmology is about Hades boat man that carries the dead bodies to one side of the river to the next forever and ever. With his little light Charon is confused for which side of the river is for the dead and for the living. This doesn’t affect whether or not the person is dead, they will die any ways in his eyes. He finds things that were precious to them or just random stuff and throws it in the river.

Summary:The myth for Charon’s Cosmology is if you don’t bring him a gift for him you will be left to wonder the shores of the river forever. If you do offer him something he will carry you to the other brighter side of the river. That is the river of Heaven and the other being Hell. He is the judge of the dead. He decides if you will live aimlessly or if you will be able to pass into a great happy life. His lantern is his guide to help find the right side of the river but is slowly dying on him.

Allusion:It talks about you being carried by Charon across the river and lots of similar things. The overall myth is that you will be carried away by a man in a ferry boat. This would be Charon and he will lead you to your death.

The poem analysis lead the tone to be dark and kind of errie. The dim lantern made the poem seem like it was very death like. After the myth analysis it stood out more that the story of Charon is very sorrowful and eerie. The myth leads to the fact that if you don't bring a gift pretty much to Charon you were to float the shore forever and ever. If you have something like a mirror which was an example from the story it says that he threw them in the river because they didn't matter. When he found food and other similar things he would take it for him self. The video really helps tell the tone because you can hear the tone of the music. This added to the tone of he story. The video talks about the "FerryMan" and what happens to you. It mainly talks about you getting carried away by him.

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