Syria keynote By brian ledoux

The us is blocking Russia from participating in the investigation into the sarin gas attack in Syria. The us says it believes that the attack was carried out by the Assad regime, but bashar al Assad denied any involvement in the attack and shortly after the attack Assad and Russia said they had Syria's 1300 tons of chemical weapons destroyed. Russia and the Assad regime are still blaming rebel groups fighting to overthrow the Syrian government for the chemical attack that killed over 80 people.

Us Secretary of State Rex tillerson is meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian Secretary of State Sergay Lavory at the kremlin. They are meeting to discuss what to do about Syrian president bashar al Assad, the trump administration says it blames Assad for the chemical attack in Syria and it will not allow the Assad family to stay in power. However Russia blames rebels of the Assad regime for the gas attack and supports Assad staying in power. Both sides want to find common ground and bring a end to this issue

Many countries are saying that the us crossed the line with a the missile strike on Syrian, using 59 tomahawk missiles each with a half ton payload against the Assad regime as a retaliation for the chemical attack that killed over 80 people in Syria

In my opinion I think that the Assad regime could have been set up, after the attack he denied involvement and had all of Syrias chemical weapons destroyed. I do still think that is was Assad who used the chemical weapons and I think the un will find out what happened and act accordingly. I dont think it is likely that he was set up but I think it could have happened



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