A Christmas Whirlwind

Hello friends! I haven't written you in 4 weeks! Those four weeks have been a little crazy.

Four weeks ago was our last week of our semester. We did a lot of Christmas themed things in the evenings that week. It was lots of fun. In preparation I got to make Christmas cookies with two girls and that was lots of fun. (The snowman was my leftover dough freehand!) Some of my family group girls went Christmas Caroling and we got some hand made socks (top left of the photo). Another time a couple of us got some home made grape jelly (bottom right and left)...it was quite sweet (Albanian style), but tasty!

Then after the semester finished I headed to Vienna and stayed with some friends, the Kings, while I awaited Ariel’s arrival. Ariel and I had a great time with the King family and fun in Vienna. The most fun things we did there were to visit our first Christmas markets and tour a palace. It was the palace of Maria Thersea the mother of Marie Antoinette. We then headed to Riga, Latvia where we enjoyed the food. We also went to a market that is in old airplane hangers and bough hand knitted wool mittens. After that we went to Prague, which is gorgeous. All the spires in the sky and the old architecture. We also spent some time touring the Jewish quarter of the city. You should google the Jewish cemetery in Prague. It was pretty beautiful. We spent Christmas day in Prague and met up with a couple of my Bible School friends. We then headed to Krakow Poland where we enjoyed pierogis for three meals. We went on a city tour and visited Auschwitz while we were there. Auschwitz was touching and sad, as you would expect, but it was good to visit. I wish we could have spent more time, but it was also really cold. After Krakow we went to Budapest where we met Mattie and her friend Joe. The parliament building in Budapest is huge and the architecture amazing. We also went to a bath house and enjoyed a few of the many natural hot springs that are in Budapest. We spent New Year’s day here. After Budapest we drove to Germany with Mattie. On the way we stopped in Bratislava Slovakia and had breakfast and saw a castle. In Germany we hung out and had Mexican food which I was pretty excited to eat! After Germany we went back to Vienna and spent a day there before we parted ways. Saying goodbye to my sister was hard, but I’ll see her soon. I'll post more of our trip photos later. The wifi is a little slow.

I’m back in Albania now. This is what it looks like outside right now. And as I’m writing it’s snowing and becoming more beautiful. I look forward to updating you all on the rest of my year!

Until next time, Charissa

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