Lead and Engage Impact Report

The NC State Division of Academic and Student Affairs provides high-impact educational activities and programs designed to promote the success of the whole student. These opportunities spur student success beyond the classroom in new and enriching environments like scholarly seminars and research. That success is then recognized on the national level as departments in the division help students plan, apply, and travel for competitive scholarships and awards.

From first-year to last-year at NC State, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs has touchpoints located all along the student’s college journey, using each moment to bolster and promote their success.

From our Director

I believe the core of NC State’s mission is the goal of transforming lives to provide leadership across NC State and around the world. Our increasingly global society demands the ability to communicate, understand, and work effectively. This will require new levels of leadership knowledge, skills, and cultural fluency.

Since 1998, Leadership and Civic Engagement (formerly known as CSLEPS – Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service) complemented the classroom academic experience through high-impact programs and services. This empowers and equips students with the skills, knowledge, and tools to forge paths for positive change. We provide opportunities for critical reflection and exploration of personal values, guide students to successfully lead teams with an inclusive lens, facilitate change, and maximize success in a multicultural environment.

My team and I in Leadership and Civic Engagement are excited to continue creating a community where students feel at home, have a healthy sense of belonging, and feel supported as they lead, engage, and grow. We cannot be more appreciative of your financial support in directly changing the lives of our students.

Melissa V. Green, Leadership and Civic Engagement

Voter Engagement

Empowering students to take the lead in the future of the country, NC State’s Leadership and Civic Engagement department brought back the PackThePolls coalition.

The program was created in 2016 to increase student voter registration and turnout. Now, the coalition is working toward newly refined goals:

Coordinated Impact

Bring together organizations, faculty, students, and staff across the university and community who share similar goals of activating students, to become civically engaged in upcoming election and coordinate efforts to maximize impact.

Education and Centralized Information Sharing

Provide non-bias, up-to-date election and civic engagement information to the NC State community and ongoing civic engagement educational activities.

Increase Voter Registration and Election-Turnout

Find creative ways to engage and increase voter registration and participation. Outcomes would be assessed by a National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement study.

Feed the Pack

The Feed the Pack Food Pantry is a community-based initiative sustained by NC State to combat the food insecurity experienced by members of the Wolfpack family. This initiative is led by students and supported by Leadership and Civic Engagement.

In fall 2017, the Feed the Pack Food Pantry shifted under the Leadership and Civic Engagement umbrella. The leadership team consists of nine students who serve the university community through operation of the pantry, along with leadership and service projects.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the Feed the Pack Food Pantry was open Monday through Friday 20 hours each week. In 2018, the pantry moved to a more accessible location in the Quad Commons, the fourth location since the pantry was established in 2012.

During summer 2017, the pantry was open three days per week, for six hours each week.

Feed the Pack distributed 13,000 lbs to NC State students, faculty, and staff this year.

They collected 16,000 lbs of food through internal and external donations and served the Wolfpack for 776 hours.

Honors Wall

Building strong leaders for our community can only happen with strong financial supporters. We cannot thank our supporters enough for their generous donations to Leadership and Civic Engagement programs at NC State.

LeaderShape $37,500

from 10 NC State partners including College of Engineering, Poole College of Management, College of Natural Resources, Campus Enterprises, and the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Alternative Service Break $19,800

from Lisa and Allan VanBuhler Family Alternative Service Break Scholarship and The Rory Callanan Schneeberger Alternative Service Break – Alaska Scholarship Endowment

Leadership Development Program $600

from the City of Raleigh

Alternative Service Break

The Alternative Service Break (ASB) program provides high-impact learning experiences where students engage in direct service within a local or global community, while being immersed in the culture.

ASB experiences serve to help students identify their privileges and begin understanding and addressing inequitable systems afforded to those with unearned privilege in our country. They can then use that knowledge in partnerships with GLBT Center, Women’s Center, and the Office of International Services.

Noteworthy Contributors to Alternative Service Break

$33,222 Leadership and Engagement Travel Award

$32,900 College of Engineering Travel Award

$20,182 Department support from leadership team stipends

$27,340 College of Engineering Iceland Partnership

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Program and Certificate consists of 10 interconnected foundational leadership workshops designed to engage and prepare new leaders. Workshop topics include ethical decision making, strategic communication, team development, and facilitating change. Students also have the option to earn a Leadership Certificate by engaging in a mentor relationship and leadership experience, and completing the foundations workshops and a reflection paper.

Stand-alone, one-time workshops are also offered, which are designed to provide overviews of single leadership topics.

Through the Leadership Development Program students are:

  • Inspired to see themselves as leaders.
  • Guided in developing their leadership potential.
  • Engaged in a self-exploration of their strengths.
  • Empowered to make a positive difference on campus and in their communities.


The LeaderShape Institute™ has developed a national reputation as a premier leadership development program for young adults. The LeaderShape Institute is an intensive and energizing six-day program open to 60 student participants interested in producing extraordinary results in an organization and developing a commitment to lead with a high level of integrity.

Through the institute, students gain:

  • Clearly defined long term and short term goals.
  • Increased capacity to build authentic relationships, inspire peers, adhere to broad ethical standards, and create sustainable change.
  • Increased advocacy for issues of social justice and social responsibility.
  • Confidence to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Confidence to become engaged student leaders on campus.
  • Confidence in their ability to create a vision or ideal future for their community and/or organization.

The program aims to help students break down cultural barriers, gives them the opportunity to develop cultural competence, and have dialogue centered on issues of social justice.

Global LeaderShape

Leadership and Civic Engagement provided financial, logistical, and recruitment support to NC State’s Global Training Initiative to launch the inaugural Global LeaderShape Institute™. The result was an intensive intercultural leadership development experience for NC State students alongside students from Zhejiang University in China.

Student Spotlight

Madison Teeter

I first became involved with Leadership and Civic Engagement through the Alternative Service Break (ASB) program during my first year at NC State. Little did I know I would continue to immerse myself in Leadership and Civic Engagement all four years of my undergrad career.

I not only had an amazing opportunity to make connections with inspiring individuals and organizations, but the program also aided me in deciding what I want to do with my life after my academic career. They helped me determine my major when I was an undecided freshman and helped me realize I wanted to become heavily involved in environmental policy.

For those wanting to become involved with Leadership and Civic Engagement, my advice is to always be open-minded because you never know what the individuals or programs in the office will teach you - they may even help you decide your life plan.

When people ask me if it was worth “giving up” my spring break every year to participate in ASB, I respond by saying, “I wish I could remain involved in the program for the rest of my life.”

Daeja Woodard

Participating in Leadership and Civic Engagement programming gave me the comfort and confidence to do what was once

far-fetched to me. I’ve learned to navigate difficult conversations, team build in various settings, facilitate workshops, and coordinate programming all while working with diverse groups of people and learning different styles of leadership.

Initially I saw the office as a way to meet my personal service needs, but since remaining engaged with the office I’ve connected with people who are equally as passionate about service and leadership building. I find it to be a great community.

If I had the chance to share advice with my peers about engaging in the office, I would say “Go for it.” It has been one of the best investments I’ve made while attending NC State. It’s given me the skills and confidence needed to venture my way into other areas of leadership across campus. I’m incredibly thankful for everyone in the office.

A Parent’s Gift

As parents of two NC State students, Allan and Lisa VanBuhler understand the value and quality of Leadership and Civic Engagement after both their son, Christopher, and daughter, Megan, experienced the Alternative Service Break (ASB) program. Christopher traveled to the Dominican Republic, while Megan served a community in Costa Rica.

The experiences of her children piqued the interests of Lisa who then participated in her own ASB-Nicaragua experience - made available to alumni and community partners. It was during this time Lisa came to believe all students should have access to the ASB experience. To this end, they created the Lisa and Allan VanBuhler Family Alternative Service Break Scholarship to help students of all backgrounds and financial means have access to the transformative ASB experience.

With a cost of up to $2,500 per student experience in the ASB program, we can not thank the VanBuhler family more for their contributions in fostering excellent leaders at NC State University.

Support our Future Leaders

Turning a great student into a great leader takes a talented team of professionals like those in Leadership and Civic Engagement. Their time, supported by your generous contributions, will continue to foster pathways to high-impact experiences for students.

On average, it costs the university $1,000 to send a student through the LeaderShape Institute, and upwards of $2,500 in travel to send a student to a distant community such as those available in our Alternative Service Break program. Leadership and Civic Engagement relies heavily on travel awards to lessen financial barriers standing in the way of a student experiences.

Leadership and Civic Engagement offers many opportunities for donor support.


Endowments are the bedrock of all strong programs because they provide certain, steady support in perpetuity - becoming a living legacy. Endowment gifts may be pledged over a number of years and funded through cash or planned gifts. The funding may support Leadership and Civic Engagement as a whole, or may be tailored to support specific initiatives such as Alternative Spring Break, LeaderShape, or Feed the Pack Pantry.


Merit and need-based scholarships, as well as travel awards, may be established with a focus on supporting individual students in their leadership development.

Annual Support

Gifts of all sizes make a difference to Leadership and Civic Engagement. The Civic and Leadership Enhancement Fund provides the program with unrestricted support, thereby allowing the program to respond to their greatest needs.

Supporting our future leaders has never been easier. Click below to give today.

Invest In Our Students

As an alum, parent, or supporter of NC State, you are integral to our long-term commitment to student success. Tuition and fees fund only a portion of the division’s programs and services. By supporting Academic and Student Affairs, you are impacting the lives of students by giving them the freedom to explore their passions while pursuing an exceptional academic experience.

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Thank you for showing your commitment to student success by supporting Academic and Student Affairs.

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