Popular Kids By gabe saucier

For someone to be put under the so called "Popular Kid" stereotype, there are many factors that may weigh into classifying them as such. For the majority of the stereotype, the average popular kids tend to be seen as people that have high social ranking. On top of that, the term "Popular Kid" can still divide into a few subcategories such as "Preps" , "Jocks" and "A students".

Like many, if not all other stereotypes, there are positive and negative connotations on being stereotyped as a popular kid. After all, not many people would want to be stereotyped. For the most part being stereotyped means you are seen as that stereotype and nothing else. For example, being seen as a popular kid. Though it may be a popular stereotype in high school culture, there aren't going to be that many people who will actually claim they want to be view that way.

The majority of the popular kids stereotype is, that those kids stick together in an exclusive group, and do everything together. This group to some people can be seen as snobby. Along with the group sticking together, there is also the pressure of doing something without the group. The group members may see that as a kind of betrayal and may reject someone if they were to do something, the rest of the group wouldn't agree on.

Another side of the stereotype is just a person who may play in sports or dress more formally or preppy. The stereotype is not always referringĀ to people that have more exclusive groups, many people can be seen as very high on the social ladder but not known personally but many people at all. The pressure that goes along with this would be that people may see that someone as the popular kid stereotype, and think that they are too popular to talk to or get to know. That can lead to that person being stereotyped becoming a lonely person because people don't think they have what it takes to talk to them.

Advantages of being seen as this stereotype would be, that you are well known, may have a close group of friends that are also high in the social ladder, you may be involved in a lot of group activities or sports, or even that you are looked up to as a person. Another reason some one may be stereotyped as a popular kid is wealth. Someone might be well known for being wealthy, giving them a high social ranking.

Some disadvantages of being called by this stereotype is that you may be seen by just the exterior to who you are and judged by your social ranking. People may also come to the conclusion that the groups themselves only care about themselves and maintaining their popularity. One may also be at a disadvantage if they are seen as a popular kid and goes against norms, then the word may be passed around much more quickly since they are more well known. Lastly, the majority of people would say that the popular kids are selfish or even snobby because the main thing that stands out about them is their social status, which for a popular kid, is a high social status.

"They are stuck up, think they are better than everyone else."
"Not approachable, wear a mask, fake, hide behind a persona."
"They think they are cooler than everybody else."
"Not very unique, not much personality."
"Only cares about themselves and their social status."

I think people would stereotype me as a skater kid. The expectations of the skater kids are to be a hard working skateboarding and to not be a poser. If you are seen as someone who is trying to gain the appearence of a skater kid but does not have the intention of skateboarding to actually skateboard, then you are looked down on. Skater kids also often have a community and skate together at parks and hang out together there. Being seen as a skater kid can be seen as cool, but there is also the stereotype that skater kids are deviants.

I think meet the expectations of being a skater kid because I am apart of the the skater community, and though it is hard to skate in the winter or bad weather, alone or in a group. But I don't think of myself as a skater kid. I am still apart of the community, which is just a group of other people, who would also most likely to be stereotyped as a skater kid. The only pressure I get from this stereotype is the pressure from within the stereotype, which is becoming a poser if I stop skateboarding, even if I still hang out people that are seen as skater kids too.

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