Graphic Portait

Mr. Melon Head

The surreal portrait is about self image. Things I changed are the background into a wall, added bricks, man portrait and made the eyes black, added zipper, and changed the portrait to black and white. and what inspires me is how everything in this world is black and white. The meaning of this portrait is about how negativity take over ourselves so easily and just like we are surrounded by bricked walls which hard to escape ones you’re in it. One of the problems I encountered is the colour of the original portrait. I forgot to white balanced them which made everything yellow. What I did to solve this is through Photoshop by changing the image black and white which perfectly came together. If I were to do this again I would make a surreal landscape.

Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban (1433)

The Renaissance I made is a Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban during 1433 by the artist Jan van Eyck made of Oil on wood panel. Two things that I added is that the flag of homeland and a necklace. The background represents “Home” and it is located in house president of the Philippines. My inspiration for for this portrait is the turban and its colour. I think that the colour red really pops out and made the over all painting effective. I also wanted to try something different since the portrait I used is in opposite gender. One of the coolest part of my portrait is the angle which showcases the features of my face by using proper lighting which makes shadows. If I were to use this skill again I would like to make another portrait with much different perspective.

I used these pictures to enhance the face of the model. The lighting is high up facing down. The personality that made the viewer look if happy and bright. If I was at the workshop I could have learned so much about proper lighting and model-ing techniques.

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