Fake websites By: Emma E.

That’s right you heard it from your friends, your parents, and now you are going to hear it from NBC news 15. The world is going to end tomorrow!! Pack you bags and move to Pluto people!!! The world is ending tomorrow and you haven’t even packed yet!?! What are you doing still sitting in a news studio? Go home pack everything and move to Pluto!! Hey you give me my bag I am moving to Pluto! Meet you guys their!!! Wait a minute, how do we really know that the world is ending tomorrow? We could look it up online right? All of it will be true right? Right?

The internet is not always true. There are studies to prove it. For example you guys all know ABC news? Well they have a web page just like a lot of stores and other news channels do. Well Jimmy Rustling had his own web page to display news for ABC news as well. He has had 14 Peabody awards, along with a handful of Pulitzer Prizes. These awards are every hard to earn, and are for high class journalism. Well I bet that you think this guy is so smart and so awesome that he could totally be reliable. Well this is not true. Actually he is not even a real person. Columbia University and French National Institute are finding information proving that their are multiple ways that you can tell if the web page is real or fake.

The first way that the University and the F.N.I found out that his site was fake is at the end of his web address or the URL it has a “.co” at the end of it. So the ABC news web address is like this. And the fake web page looks like this. See the difference? If not maybe you need to move closer.Or should I flip back and forth between sides really fast like this? Or should I just put then all on one side for you? Ok fine I will just make it really simple for you. Here you go. Anyways the second way that you can find out if the website is fake or real is the contact us tab. Some fake websites don’t have a contact us tab but the the fake ABC website has one.On the fake web page it just has a house on the tab like this.

On the real ABC web page it has the location of the real ABC building and a picture. The third biggest way that is often lead fake news to start is the start of a chain. For example someone had started a chain and claiming that Trump gave food to police officers that were working on a protest. This man was just passing along a chain that his “Friends “ had started. This man had another private account making everyone suspicious. Fifth, if the website has no links to lead us to where they got their information you can probably guess that it is a fake website . A couple of tips to help you figure out if the website is fake or not is to pay attention to the ads. If they are meant to be able to click on the add and take you on another page and if the title has a very eye catching slogan or a cool head line than it is probably fake news. Another helpful tip that can help you to figure out if the website if reliable or not is to go to this website on the screen. Some fun and interesting facts that you probably should know is that “ 59 percent of links shared on social media have never actually been “ red. That’s all NBC news has for you tonight folks have a good rest of your evening. P.S. The world is not ending tomorrow it is going to end the day after.

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