Should school be free for everyone? By: Lincoln Capwell

In today’s society, a college degree is equivalent to a high school diploma from the recent past. More and more jobs require a college degree to get hired. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to go to college and their kids can never uncover their true potential. Most of these kids will probably not get a high paying job and the cycle will continue. A college education should be free for all, so every can have a chance to do what they believe in.

People all over the U.S.A. cannot go to college even though they have the requirements to join. They simply cannot afford to go to college because of their parent’s annual income. Even if those people go to college, they are left with a tremendous amount of debt they will be paying for many years. Also, many people in America fall behind on student loans. In total, 5.1 million people in America are at least three months behind on paying for college debt. People say that ones who cannot pay for a college should just go to a cheaper community college instead of state college. Although it is cheaper, it is not as valuable than a state college degree.

Many people believe that if someone goes to college and they do not succeed, they will become unhappy. If they do not get the job they were learning about for multiple years, they will not enjoy their situation. Then they will fall through a gap and end up at a job they despise. This may be true, but not letting them go to college for free will not help this problem. When someone goes to college and can afford it, they will have the chance to get a satisfying job. With this in mind, if college is free more people will get that opportunity to do something they want to do. People will have a better probability of getting their dream job, which means they will be happier for a long period of time.

Another big issue many opposing people see is that no matter if college is “free,” the money has to come from somewhere. Technically college would not be “free,” and someone would have to pay for it. There was a reasonable plan that was proposed by Bernie Sanders, a senator from New Hampshire, in his 2016 campaign for president. “Every person in this country who has the desire and ability should be able to get all the education they need regardless of the income of their family.” [Bernie Sanders] It would cost about 75 million dollars for everyone to have it. America would pay for it by closing the tax loopholes to stop people from evading taxes, which would make 100 million dollars a year, and tax Wall Street with a small tax, which would make 300 million dollars a year.

College should not be only for people who can afford it. It should be for everyone, no matter the amount of money they make. The US would benefit and become more advanced if only they put forth this idea. Hopefully, in the near future, this will come into play. It is time to revolutionize America to make it better for the majority of the population in this country.

In the year 4,000, the whole world has become fatally dumb. The average IQ in today’s society is 10. The amount of people that go to school are about .000000015% of the 8 trillion people in the world go to college. The world is beginning to go into turmoil. Only the top 1% can afford to go to college. Many people’s only way to pay for food is by having more kids and collecting wealth fare. People can’t speak in complete sentences because it is worthless to go to school now. No one goes to school because no one could afford it 1,000 years ago. College prices keep going up because the only people that can afford it are rich, so the colleges know they charge them more for something that should not have a price on it.

“Ma,” greeted Jo.

Ma replies, “Jo.”

“Ma good?” questioned Jo.

“Ok,” answered Ma, “Jo good.”

“Good,” responded Jo.

“Bo come?” asked Jo.

Ma allows, “Ok.”

No one knows it yet, but something horrific is going to happen today. By the year 4,000 this could easily have been avoided. There is one last intelligent person left that wants to help. His name is Hector and he tries to tell people the truth. People never believe him, but they should because he has been right the last 1,796 times he has been on his show.

“In about 30 minutes they world will be hit by a giant meteor. Fortunately, this can be avoided. I have a device that will be able to stop the meteor. All we have to do is press the button on the remotes. Everyone has to do it, all 8 trillion of us,” Hector reports to everyone in the world.

The meteor appears in the sky and Hector replays his announcement to everyone. They all could press the button on the remote they all received this morning. Jo sees the meteor.

“Food!” yells Jo.

“Big Food!” Ma and Bo screech.

“Food!” Everyone in the world cries out.

Everyone gets a fork and a knife out to dig in for diner. They all just ignore Hector and everyone in the world is dead. The human race and everything on planet Earth is extinct. All of this happened because no one for over 1,000 years could afford to get a proper education. People could only make money by getting welfare checks. People just had to press a big red button to save the world.


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