Plan For The Future By: Darrick Holmes

The Music Industry(why AND MY STORY) :

I believe That there's a reason all my life I felt so strongly drawn to the ways of music.

I could sit in a room for hours on a floor with nothing but music and music equipment in front of me and not think twice about anything else going on outside of my focus.

Learning from a young age that the type of music you listen to represents your personality so I thought that when it comes down to being an artist as a whole the type of music you make defines who you are so at the age of 7 I had that concept in my head and felt the need and urge to build around it

THE Way music can make you feel so many different variety of emotions shows such amazement to my mind because its natural never something you force, and so when i feel the energy i get when making or listening to music i knew i wanted to move people using this art form for life.


I don't want to feel that there's a specific selection of people i have to make music for i want to make music for everybody i make all different types of music so as long as the people that's giving my music a chance has a mind a heart a soul and ears i'm going to try to connect with them as much as I can and spread a energy they can only get when listening to me, as if i was helping them get through their life personally


I believe that Having a bachelors degree in the music business section of the music industry can help me attain more as an artist this will be my qualifications and experience, Life and job experiences included

what makes me unique as a qualified individual are my goals, beliefs, and interest because i have specifics to help both the business and art sides of the music industry excel everything as a whole, knowing i'm going to know how hard it is to keep going and do what you love, most of my goals will be to change the music industry around and find different ways for deserving and talented artist to have freedom and be in the music industry

end (what I really plan to accomplish):

I don't expect to accomplish every goal Ive set for myself when being in the music industry its not that I would have any problem with achieving any and all that I want to do its just that I prepared myself for the what if for example what if I end up not having the time or just not completing all that I want my real goal is just to at least have enough work and spark enough minds to continue on my beliefs to grow and improve after i'm gone that's the true accomplishment

you must believe to inspire just like who inspired you inspiration is the never ending chain link That spirals around the world in all directions To eventually in some way, shape, or form connect

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