A Trip to Hawaii created by: cristian cruz

My vacation will be to go to Hawaii.To get to Hawaii I will take an airplane and spend there 2 weeks.The specific dates will be 07/21/17-08/04/17 the plane tickets will be round trip this mean that it is to go and come back.The cost for this will be 1,212.My hotel that I will be staying is going to cost me 6,470.11 this is just for the 14 days that I will be staying.The Hotel has a rating of 4.5 stars.Some of the reviews is that is is very sucluded,has very nice staff,and is very clean and the house keeping is very nice and alternative.Another thing also is that at the frount of the hotel is a place were you can go to scuba dive in case that you do not to travel far from your hotel.The average meal cost for person is 20 dollars so I would waste 80 dollars for just myself in one day but I'm planning to buy food and maybe some days I make my own breakfast or dinner instead of going and buying.In all just for the hotel,airplane and food will cost me 9,000 dollars.

Activates that I will do include scuba diving with dolphins and seeing turtles and other aquatic animals.The specific dolphins that I will be seeing are called Spinner Dolphins.I will get to touch the dolphins due to that they are not hostile.There average size is 6 to 7 feet in length and weight 130 to 170.

Another activity that I will be is called Parasailing.This activity is when you are pulled by a boat while having a parachute attached the air will pick up and you wil get to have a birds view from the ocean to the Hawaii island.

My way of transportation will be to rent a car this will cost me for 14 days 400 dollars.This will be my one way for transportation.The other transportation that I will use also would be a boat to get a view of the island from the ocean.The Temperature in Hawaii in July will be from 70-80 F and gets .3 inches of rain in July.I am going to bring 2 light sweaters in case it gets cold and pack shorts some pants and t-shirts,sunscreen,all your personal thing you use,and no heavy coats that are for winter.I will also be talking boos that are made for hiking since there are places to hike and do not want to step on something that is slippery or get bitten by something.

An important places that I will be visiting is the Pearl Harbor.This harbor is important because it is were Japanese forces attacked a navel base of the United States.This occurred in December 7 1941 during World War 2.They were able to destroy 20 navel vessels including enormous battleships.More than 2,000 American Solders and sailors died in the Attack and another 1,000 were Wounded.

I will also be visiting the volcano national park this park is full of small volcanoes they say that when it erupts it's because the island is mad.The eruptions only occur 1 en 11 months though.In the same are the is a tube like tunnel that is 492 feet long and 20 ft high.Thos tunnel was created by flowing lava that then cooled and created the tunnel.

Diamond Head is a location that I will be going to this is a land mark know for a hiking trail and stunning coastal views.It is shaped like a saucer and was created 300,000 years ago.The cost to enter is from 1-40 depending on the way you will be entering the area.

A very important part of Hawaii is Hula dancing this dance is a very graceful dance which you wear a colorful costumes.Hula dancing is danced with western music the most popular dance is danced with dramatic chants.Hula dancing originated in the Molokai and Kauai islands.

Legends that are told in Hawaii is that demi-God Maui pulled the island from the bottom of the ocean the wicked, deceptive and jealous volcano goddess Pele and her snow god sister Poliahu. There are legends about the Kumulipo, which tell about the creation of the Hawaiian Islands and others that tell fishing stories about the shark gods.Rain and rainbows are considered blessings from the gods. This is especially true if it rains during weddings.Another dark omen that is more modern in nature is about the taking of lava rocks from a volcano, which will lead to being followed by bad luck. Many such rocks are known to be returned by visitors to Hawaii via mail. People often times send the rocks they collected and took home back to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with no return addresses.

I will be visiting the Village Burger this is a very typical place in Hawaii were many locals go eat a burger and fries.This is not one of the fancy restraunts in but the reviews say that there is very good burgers for the starting price of 8 dollars.

I will not be eating in any places very know places in Hawaii due to that they mostly include so type of fish,sushi.There is one dish that is very common around Hawaii which is the Poi it is a thick paste made from root that is either steamed or baked and pounded.It has a slightly sour from the fermentation.


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