Canada 2041

Introduction: Hi I am Sabina Rafay and i will be discussing about the issues that will rise in Canada 2041 that is 25 years from now. These issues include global warming urban sprawl and aging population.As this generation needs to Protect Canada for a healthy prosperous sustainable future for the years to come.

Physical Canada 2041

Problem: One of our main landform regions /Great St.Lawrence which has problems due to transportation that causes pollution which affects global warming.

Resources Canada 2041

Population Canada 2041

Problem: The problem is that Canada is a aging country as well population. By 2041 there will be 9.7 million seniors who will be over 65, as this is going to effect the elderly for more being dependent on someone and the need for liveable areas.

Solutions:A solution is to the aging population is to build more apartment buildings that have large amount of space and retirement homes. This will be a helpful impact because it will create jobs such as architecture and nurses which will have an opportunity for immigrants to pursue those types of jobs as well rise on the economy and will help less the strain on urban sprawl which should be used on green belt spaces. Another benefit solution is home diagnostics which is an early diagnostics of diseases such as Alzheimer, and Smartwatches is a wearable device that is detecting heart rate and blood pressure these devices are produced from brand new IT companies from the tertiary industry which in the future will have variety of young workers and this new technology will revolutionize the country.

Cities In Canada 2041


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