Jacky Ha-Ha by: james patterson

James Patterson is an American author who has sold over 300 million books. he has donated over a million books to students and soldiers and funds over 400 scholarships at 24 colleges and universities. He has also donated millions of books to bookstores and school libraries. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.

Jacky Ha-Ha is a fiction novel set in New Jersey. The time is set in 1990. The theme of this novel is about a girl who tries to make people laugh to cover up the hard things in her life.

Jacky lives with her mom, dad and six sisters. Her mom is in the marines and is gone a lot. Her father has to take care of her and her sisters by himself.

Jacky is 12 years old and is in middle school. she is skinny tomboy with wavy, short hair. She likes to make her class mates lough. She misses her mom and writes letters to her. She stutters when she gets nervous. Meredith is Jack's best friend. She is tall and skinny and likes to wear her hair in a ponytail all the time. Emma is Jacky's youngest sister. She is skinny with short hair. She mimics her dad and is kind of bossy. Sydney is 19 years old and the oldest sister. She has long hair and is skinny. She is a freshman in college. The whole family adores her. Riley is 11 years old and a younger sister with straight hair. She looks up to Jacky. Sophia is an 18 year old sister who is obsessed with her looks. Hannah is 14 years old. She is the middle sister with curly, short hair and is slightly overweight. She is very sweet. Jacky thinks she is too nice for words. Victoria is a 15 year old sister. She is skinny with straight hair. She has advice about everything and loves to share it. She likes to read and watch movies. Mom (Sydney) is in the Marines and is stationed in the Persian Gulf. Dad (Mac) is a very serious man. He is handsome and muscular. He worries about his wife and is a good father.

The main conflict in this book is that Jacky thinks that her dad is cheating on her mom with Jenny, one of her mom's friends. Jacky spies on her dad and worries that her family is going to split up. Jacky tries to make people laugh so that she doesn't feel so sad.

"Dad's actually whistling as he bounds up the front steps. Guess he and Jenny had another amazing date." Page 231. These sentences show why Jacky is worried because her dad has been out with Jenny. "We're hugging like crazy. We're both crying a bunch, too. Tears mix with laughter." Page 304. Jacky's mom comes home and now she feels that everything is going to be okay. Her worries are gone about her family falling apart.

Lifeguard--someone who protects people when they are in the water. Detention--punishment when you get in trouble at school, such as staying late. Babbles--talking on and on without stopping. Affection--showing that you care for someone, like hugging and kissing. Nervous--how you feel when you are worried about something.

I really liked this book. It was funny but kind of sad at the same time. I felt sorry for Jacky because her mom was away and her dad was gone a lot, too. I would recommend this book for someone who likes humor along with serious problems. I liked the ending. This book showed that laughter can help you get through hard times.

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