Sit ins Do sit iNs work?

Sit ins are a form of protest used a lot by blacks in the American civil rights movement.

(of a group of people) occupy a place as a form of protest. The definition of a sit in is a group that sits in a place they are not allowed to use in order to protest so they can start to use the place.

Sit ins were used by blacks to persuade whites to let them gain freedom and refrain from segregation.
Claudette Colvin used a sit in and refuse to get up later got arrested and most of the black community to outrage.
That sit in turned into this one with Rosa Parks and she sparked the community even more.

Do they work?

Yes sit ins have been proven to work as people still use them today for protesting against discrimination.

Do Blacks still use them for racial discrimination?

Yes the black lives matter movement is an example of how blacks are still using them against discrimination.

This is a sit in that is being used today. I have seen one on tv where people where chaining themselves on a highway that is definitely a way to get people's attention.

Another example of racism today


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