Phantom Tollbooth Lilly marin

Chapter 1

Milo is a boy who doesn't really know what to do with his life. he is always bored and looking for fun things to do.


in this chapter we meet a few charicters such as the whether man,lethargarians,and the watch dog.

the whether man

the whether man is a man with many questions to ask and talks really fast he is never sure on what to do with his time.

the lethergarians

the lethergarians are little creatures that don't waste time and are very dull.

the watch dog

the watch dog is a dog that has a body of a watch and make sures that no one waists time.

the end!!!

Created By
Lilly Marin


Created with images by Tentes - "pocket watch classic antique" • jarmoluk - "way clouds seat belts" • TeroVesalainen - "question mark why problem" • Hermann - "books education school" • miamism - "Hibiscus" • Andreas Falk - "Pocket watch"

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