CELIA CLARKE i've started to learn how to make social videos. here are a few samples

The Ithaca Free Clinic provides healthcare for uninsured and under insured people. They have a special Chronic Care Program for people with chronic illnesses like diabetes or CPOD. The clinic also offers alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Representative Tom Reed served as a vice chairman to Donald Trump's transition team. He was elected to represent the New York 23rd Congressional District. At this town hall meeting, some of his constituents drove over an hour to tell them they didn't approve of how he was representing them in Washington,.D.C.

I tried out the Hyperlapse app by Instagram to make a time lapsed video of some billboards in Times Square one day. The electronics company Samsung had taken over all the billboard screens for a special promotional even for a new phone.

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Quinces. Photo: Celia Clarke

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