Prairie Village News By: Spencer NEwton

Up and Down Staircases: Calm or Crazy (Editorial)

At IHMS, during the 2016-2017 school year the faculty decided to make and up staircase to "reduce traffic".

Supposedly, The up and down staircases are supposed to reduce traffic and make it safer. It also is supposed to make it quicker because you don't have to fight through a crowd.

On the flip side, 75% of the people in my Hour 2 class has been late because of the up-and-down staircases. When Christian Aldredge hasn't followed the rule e hasn't been late to class once.

There is a unanimous opinion on up and down staircases, about 25% in Ms. Holsworth's 2nd hour class about 30% of the people support the up and down staircases and 70% do not.

A few common responses were I support them but they should add more of them so you don't have to walk a long way to get to the staircases and I don't like them because they make me late all of the time.

In conclusion, I believe that the up and down staircases should not be a thing until they can add more so you don't have to go out of your way to get to the up and down staircases. I believe if they removed this rule it would take a bit longer to get down the staircases but it would not take as long to get to your desired location.

IHMS students are not allowed to enter through the down staircase on the bottom floor



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An upsetting loss (Sports)

On Wednesday March 1, the Indian Hills A1 basketball team faced off against Westridge in both of the teams last game of the season. Both of the teams were composed of the best basketball players of each school. Westridge got off to a good start and was leading at the half, but Indian Hills would not have it. They came back to tie it up with exactly 3:00 left in the 4th quarter. Westridge then went up 1 but then a player on Indian Hills made an amazing layup and got fouled. He made the free throw. Indian Hills was up by 2. A timeout was then quickly called by Westridge could design a play. They came out from the timeout looking worried and Indian Hills was ready to play some lock up defense to secure a win. Westridge inbounded the ball and immediately after the player caught the ball and shot a three pointer a good 3 feet away from the three point line. He drained it. Indian Hills then inbounded the ball to there starting point guard with 5 seconds left and he sprinted to the basket shote, missed, and was fouled. The player then had 2 free throws to secure a win. If he made both they win. If he missed both they lose. Everything was on the line. He shot, the ball flew in the air hit the rim and bounced out. He shot again if he made it it went into overtime, if he missed they would lose. It was all on the line as the ball soared through the air it hit the backboard, hit the rim, and missed. Westridge stormed the court proud of there hard fought win.

From the Indian Hills website
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Guitar prodigy (Feature)

The 12 year-old guitar player, Christian Aldredge, has been playing guitar since he was 4. “I have played a 45 minute jam on the song Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin.” He says that he plays guitar because it helps him relax.

When asked, he said that he played every day. I taught myself everything that I know using the internet. “It was pretty difficult especially because I had no one to ask questions to” said Alldredge when asked about the difficulty of being self taught.

He does not perform often but he will be performing at the Roxy on March 5th and would love to see you there. If you would like to see him it is completely free just be there, it starts at 4 pm and ends at 7 pm.

Aldredge's guitar

The Perfect Burrito (Review)

When going to chipotle I always used to get a burrito with brown rice, chicken, black beans, mild salsa and cheese. It costs about $7 and takes them about 3 minutes for them to make. Whenever I go to the village my first choice is to always go to chipotle because it is my favorite food in the village.

One day I was eating a Burrito and it started to taste bland because I got three bites of plain chicken straight. I decided that there must be a fix to it. I decided that the best way for them to fix it was to get the ingredients mixed up.

The next time I went to Chipotle I asked if they could mix up the ingredients in the burrito and they said no. I decided to get a burrito bowl but it still wasn't mixed up.

While I was eating my bland non-mixed up mess I saw someone with a top and mix it up. My eyes then filled with greed and I knew that this was the solution to my problem. Apparently if you asked for the burrito bowl to go then they would put a lid on it.

The next time I went to Chipotle I asked for a burrito bowl to go with brown rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa, and cheese. I shook it up and hoped for the lid. As I slowly took of the lid the tension felt stronger and stronger I took it off and then I saw a mixed up bowl of glory. My mouth watered. I took a bight and I knew that this was the best food at chipotle.

A Chipotle Burrito Bowl
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The Pizza Pub Dilemma (News)

About a week ago three friends were almost ripped off when they went to the Topeka Mall on a field Trip to get lunch. All the lines were extremely long except for Pizza Pub. When they got to the front of the line they ordered a large $15 pizza with pepperoni and sausage. The lady working at the register noticed that three friends were buying the pizza so she said that she could split the costs in between them. They thought this was a good idea so they each payed with a $20 dollar bill. The lady clicked buttons on the register took out change and only gave $15 back and she handed them there number. Then the three customers politely showed her that they should each get $15 back each. The lady seemed to be very confused and had to get the manager to help. The customers were getting mad and annoyed with the people working the register. After a good 10 minutes of calculations she figured out that she did owe them 30 more dollars, she gave them there number and said that the pizza would be ready "soon". The pizza came about 20 minutes later leaving the three friends 1 minute to eat the pizza before they had to get back on the bus.

Pizza Pub Entrance

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