Zoes Goals; Project English 2 Period 1

Semester goal

I will have better grades than I did first semester, by keeping up with the teacher and my class, and turning in work on time each day.

English goal

I will get at least an 80% or higher on my quizzes and study harder each week before doing anything fun (like watching tv), for about an hour or so every day.

High School goal

I will achieve my credits and grades by working hard and setting my mind to it. I will get there by focusing and pushing myself while being organized throughout each of my high school years. I will also try to be a little more involved in things accruing at the school, and with my friends. I will also have a job and earn my money for my future.

After High School goal

I will situate how to get to College and once I have found an art college I will learn different ways to make and create things like clothes, learn about business managing, etc.

Personal Growth

I will learn sign language on extra time by looking up good resources and looking for info. I will start getting ready, after I have everything planned out, to put my clothing line (store) to business. As I proceed I will learn more things of how to keep my store in order and together; money and time will be spent accordingly and responsively.


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